Product Reviews Widget

Displaying product reviews helps you build trust and convert more browsers into buyers. The product reviews widgets and APIs make sure your product reviews show up in the right place at the right time.

Collect Reviews via Your Site

Collect product reviews directly from your site without visitors having to leave the page.

Additional Ratings

Our product review widgets are designed to help you increase conversion by displaying ratings and reviews next to your product information. Ask additional questions about products, so that it helps potential buyers make an informed decision quickly.

Reply to Product Reviews

Adding a reply to product reviews gives your staff the opportunity to show their wealth of knowledge. Replies also help to create trust with potential customers.

A Source of Unique Content

Product reviews can have tremendous SEO benefits. A steady flow of relevant, keyword rich content to your site can be brought by user-generated reviews, which shows that customers are talking about your products.


Product Review API

Our robust product review API gives your developers the power to publish reviews in a custom format. We are happy to work with your developers to make sure the API has everything your developers need.

Included In Ecommerce Modules

We have modules for most ecommerce platform including Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce and others. [See Modules]


Customise Style

Reviews widgets are quick and easy to customise so that they match your website's branding and layout.

Product Reviews offer a double benefit not only are they an excellent source of relevant content but they also help to increase visibility in Google Shopping.
Callum McKeefery
Managing Director

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