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Our Instagram tool is a unique feature in the review space. Connect with influential figures that already know and love your brand, and use their presence to build more awareness, more engagement, and more sales.  
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Find your best influencers.

Get access to a real-time list of Instagram users that have bought your products, left you a review online, or mentioned you in a post. Then check out their stats to find your most powerful brand advocates.
  • Target key influencers with the highest follower count.
  • See exactly what they bought and when.
  • Connect and start collaborating.
Where I really see the biggest value from is as another marketing tool. To be able to have honest, genuine reviews from a community of cyclists provides reassurance and clarity.
Matthew White
President of Marketing at MAAP
How MAAP Cycling Apparel Use an Omnichannel Approach for Growth.

Use UGC for authentic marketing.

We’ll let you know when people are talking about you online. See all the Instagram posts that you’ve been tagged or mentioned in, then pick which to include in your social campaigns. 

It’s more than just review content. It’s a collection of images and videos that promote a brand experience. 


Consumers who say reviews are influential in someway


Shoppers use mobile device to submit video review


Higher trust signal over text or UGC image content

It’s a matter of doing what I love – I was trying to create a more diverse and user-friendly experience than what already existed online in the action sports category.
Darin Gersbach
Owner/Founder KickPush
How Kick Push Builds a Community of Avid Followers
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