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Import existing review content & publish.

REVIEWS.io is a powerful reviews platform, which allows you to import and publish your existing reviews, from other platforms, to display on your website. No matter what platform you use, in just a few clicks all your reviews will be ready to use in one place.

Import review content with confidence.

We handle your review imports and data-sync so that your migration goes as smoothly as possible. It normally takes 1 hour for our team to complete your import and publish new widgets your website.

We integrate seamlessly with all the apps you already use: Klaviyo 😊 Shopify/Shopify Plus πŸ₯³ LoyaltyLion πŸ™Œ Smile.io and Gorgias πŸ‘‹ + More
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Remove the cost and stress of changing providers.

No more long contracts or less than average review features. Joining REVIEWS.io from another provider is not just cost effective, but the smarter and less stressful option.
  • Shopify native reviews
    Display your review content with our powerful web widgets and share the content you already have.
  • Trustpilot reviews
    Transfer both company and product review content with our dedicated feature to make the whole process as frictionless as possible.
  • Publish verified reviews
    ‍All company and product reviews imported will be available to publish and shared with your customers.

Switch and gain more trust.

We are a Google Licensed Partner, so collecting feedback with REVIEWS.io will display stars in organic searches and Google Ads. Review stars increase confidence maximising your marketing efforts.

Publish better performing review widgets.

REVIEWS.io allows you to import and collect review content across multiple platforms and publish using a single widget. Our widgets are customisable to your brand, load fast and provide more product and company data your customers need.
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Import reviews to create social proof images.

Do more with the reviews you import and combine them with user generated content, product images and video. Reach a wider audience by sharing this content exactly where your customers are β€” social media.
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Switching review provider was a concern but the REVIEWS.io team did all the hard work β€” in the same day we had our reviews published!
Kevin Urbau
Technical Director - VAAY Care
See how VAAY uses reviews to educate their customers
Dasha H.
Obsessed! I Love this brand 😍  highly recommend! I've never had any troubles with delivery or returns! Thank you.
Abbie F.
The ring I order is absolutely beautiful – the whole process felt personal and everything was communicated along the way.
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Convert more with video reviews.

Video is the one form of content proven to provide better trust and detail. Customers securely record and upload their content to reviews and if you get a review without video content be sure to request it in just one click.


Higher conversion over standard reviews


Shoppers use mobile device to submit video review


Reviews shared with video attached


Higher trust signal with video reviews

Customers who have successfully switched.

Simplify your review collection, seller ratings, and review publishing.