Badges & Widgets

Having a badge or widget on your website will help you leverage your positive reviews and ultimately lead to an increase in conversion on average our clients see a double digit lift in conversion once a widget or badge is added. Our badges and widgets receive of one billion impressions each month.


Badges are little boxes you can display on your site with pride. They show a summary of your online reputation by displaying the amount of reviews you have along with your overall rating. We have a wide variety of badges to choose from and you can even customise them to match your website's look and feel.

Trust Badge

Trusted Site badges are perfect to place in your header and footer, these badges show to your customers that you work with an independent 3rd party platform to collect genuine feedback. The badges come in several sizes and can be installed on your websites in minutes.

Vertical Review Box

This is the most popular of our widgets, it helps create trust and give peer to peer insights on the level of service that your potential customers can expect to receive. The vertical review box is fully customisable and can be added to your site in just a few minutes.

Dropdown Widget

The dropdown widget is a real space-saver. It's perfect for sites that want to show off their ratings but don't want actual review content taking up valuable real estate. When the header is clicked the reviews slide out, becoming visible. Also, colours on the widget can be customised to match your site.

Floating Widget

This widget is generally added to all pages, it can be customised to match your sites design. The floating widget is great for sites that do not have space for a vertical or carousel widget.

Product Review Widget

We are very proud of our new product review widget, since its launch we have had some excellent feedback. We've managed to make this widget, simple to install and very flexible. The product widget is perfect for sites that are built on custom platforms or for sites that offer a small number of products.

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Up Time

Our Widgets are served on load balanced dedicated UK based servers, which ensure speedy load times and minimum downtime disruption.


We know you will want to display your reviews on key pages like your checkout page so all of our badges and widgets are served over SSL.

Build Your Own

We know that you might want to display your reviews in your own companies style that’s why we have created a elegant API which lets you build custom widgets quickly.

We integrated two widgets onto our website and it was super easy and looks great! Best of all our conversion has increased by double digits!
Jason Stewart, E-Commerce Manager at Aberdeed International Airport.

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