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We hired them for a loft conversion. They did a very bad job. We hired Central Lofts to convert the loft of our semi-detached house. They lied about the level of service they would provide, and did a terrible job of constructing the new room. First, they told us they had a "team of architects", when they have never employed an architect. The original design they showed us turns out to have been put together by the owner's son, which would have collapsed the first floor of our house if they had gone through with it as it was drawn. What was actually built was what the builders decided to do to fix this catastrophic flaw. They didn't consult us about whether it was what we wanted, and no-one with any suitable qualifications checked whether it was structurally sound before it was built. They also promised "on site project management", and went to great lengths on their website to describe how customer focussed they are. None of this was true. Our project manager came on site exactly once during the build. The level of communication at all points during the build was terrible, with no-one telling us what was going on, and (for a long period of time) with no-one on site who spoke English. The quality of the build was also very poor. The roof felt was punctured in a large number of places, and there was inadequate ventilation built into the new roof (which is essential to prevent mould). They were gluing tiles in place, and were using hanging brackets to support roof beams. The structural beams were fastened onto supports with bolts that were clearly inadequate, and the roof beams themselves were constructed from multiple planks of wood, not joined together in a sufficiently sturdy manner to support the roof they put on top. Finally, the safety standards employed during the construction were woefully insufficient. The scaffolding was built to hold one tonne, and can be seen to be visibly bent by the weight of materials they stacked on top of it (much more than one tonne). The old tiles were dropped from the top of the scaffold into a skip beside the street, with very little concern for anyone below. While they were being removed there were also large chunks of material falling to the ground at random, with one large pointed piece of tile falling from the roof to within a couple of metres of our back door, and which would have caused a terrible injury if it had landed on anyone. In short, I am surprised they are allowed to trade with the level of misleading information that they provide on their website. They constructed an unplanned, and badly made dormer on our house, without properly consulting with us about what they were doing, and without due regard for our safety, or the safety of anyone walking past. It's going to cost a lot of money to fix the mess they've made, and quite frankly I wish I had never heard of them.
Central Lofts & Extensions is rated 4.85 based on 26 reviews