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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
The carers at Passion Tree, no doubt, strive for quality and excellent services. The Sleeping Night carers have been providing my aging mother with quality overnight care, and they have not only made life easier for my mother but the rest of my family as well. I can trust the carer with closed eyes, as they make sure my mother is being taken care of at night when everyone else is asleep. They also assist her in going to the restroom or even providing small snacks during the night when she feels like munching on something! I highly recommend Passion Tree Care Services for every family out there who has an elderly loved one to be taken care of.
Posted 3 days ago
With myself having a 9-5 job, and my husband going to work as well, I had trouble balancing my job duties and caring for my aging mother at home. Then one day, a colleague recommended Passion Tree Care Services to me, and it was the best decision I have ever made for my family. A carer walks in every day to look after my mother when both of us are at work. The carer makes sure my mother gets her medication on time, helps feed and prepare meals for her, helps her shower and get dressed, and even keeps her busy and occupied with things she likes doing! Moreover, I don’t have to worry about fetching groceries or her medications when they run out, the carer takes responsibility for this as well! The carer makes sure to keep my aging mother always “in-charge” when it comes to setting menus for the day, preparing meals, fetching groceries, and even small errands around the home. It is true that Passion Tree always keeps their customers first, as I am a witness to this. I am forever grateful to the patience and dedication of the staff and carers of Passion Tree, as they always make sure that all of my mother’s needs are being fulfilled.
Posted 3 weeks ago
My mother is currently battling Alzheimer’s and needed to be taken special care of. Looking out for her and caring for her became increasingly stressful for me, and a time came when I admitted I needed help. After thorough research, I came across Passion Tree Care Services that had amazing reviews. Thus, I connected with them the same day and hired a carer. Being grateful would be an understatement because the Passion Tree was God sent for me. A carer comes in and looks after her all day, helps prepare her meals, gives her medication, and even takes care of her personal grooming! My mother never really used to get along with anyone except for family because of her condition, which is why I got worried at first when hiring a carer. However, I was happy to see how compassionate and patient the carer was with my mother, and the supportive and loving relationship they both had developed. My mother became very fond of the carer, and always looked forward to meeting her the next day! My mother was at complete ease, only because of the dedication and kindness of the carers at Passion Tree. This is why I highly recommend Passion Tree Care Services to anyone whose loved one is suffering any disease and require specialised care, as they are best suited for this job!
Posted 3 weeks ago
The carers and staff at Passion Tree Care Services are incredibly humble and gracious. Unlike a few other elderly care services I have come across for my aging father, Passion Tree has always answered my calls whenever I call them. Also, they always arrive at my house on time and have never been late. It's true when they claim to keep their customers first! The carers and staff have always been prompt and punctual, I can totally depend on them especially in case of emergencies! There are times when I have unexpected meetings in other cities and other work-related travel and I used to worry about my aging father the most, due to the uncalled and unexpected travel that would leave my father alone at home. But, all thanks to Passion Tree Care Services, they are highly dependable- they were always prompt to my unexpected travels. The carer always used to arrive at home as soon as I contacted them, and informed them about the unexpected change in timings. I highly recommend everyone to opt for Passion Tree care services if they want to have their elderly loved at home to be looked after, because of their dependability and trustworthiness.
Posted 4 weeks ago
Like always, I am highly impressed with the service rendered by Passion Tree. Their staff and carers are one of the most well-trained, trustworthy, compassionate, dependable, and patient ones I have ever come across. I have been using Passion Tree’s services for my aging father for the past few years, and not only do they make sure all of my father’s needs are being taken care of, but they also make great companions! Because of this, my father never has to feel alone or isolated. Because of these qualities, we consider the carer as part of our family. Passion Tree has truly been a blessing to our family, and I highly recommend their services to every family.
Posted 1 month ago
I have come across numerous elderly care services that don’t deal with clients who have special needs. I was eager to look for a carer who could look after my mother suffering from dementia. This is when someone recommended Passion Tree’s Waking up and Sleeping services to me. My mother used to randomly wander, sleepwalk and have disruptive sleep cycles at night. With the help of Passion Tree, a waking/sleeping night carer comes in, who looks after my mother at night and cares for her. Thanks to Passion Tree, my mother now sleeps peacefully, and my sleep cycle has improved significantly as well. I highly recommend Passion Tree to whoever needs their loved ones to be looked after, especially at night.
Posted 1 month ago
Ever since I started my new job, this meant that I could not do work around the house anymore, especially care for my aging mother. I came across Passion Tree Care Services and hired an in-home carer through them. Needless to say, it was probably the best decision I ever made. A well-trained carer comes in, and takes care of and looks after my mother while I am at work. Apart from looking after her, the carer also performs errands such as grocery shopping, picking up my mother’s medications, preparing regular meals, performing light housekeeping duties, and also taking care of her personal grooming as well. Ever since I hired Passion Tree, I stay carefree and at ease at work, knowing there is someone trustworthy back home looking after my mother.
Posted 1 month ago
The carers at Passion Tree are all-rounders. They are great cooks... Great dishwashers. Actually the people who really care for you.
Posted 1 month ago
The attribute of greed is inexistent for this company. I know of other care companies that do everything to make you depend on them so they keep on making money. Passion Tree Care Services is an exception!
Posted 1 month ago
Their staff is really humble. They always answer my phone calls and arrive at my house right on time. Can't find a better alternate to Passion Tree.
Posted 3 months ago
Simply terrific!
Posted 3 months ago
Passion Tree's respite carers are simply the best. Haven't used other services they provide, but their respite care staff is really fun and engaging people to be with.
Posted 3 months ago
Whatever I express for Passion Tree Care would not be ample. They are doing an amazing job. I will highly recommend this company and people associated with them.
Posted 4 months ago
Excellent service all week from Toks who is a very friendly carer & can’t do enough for us. This is why we would like to keep her every week from Monday to Friday l.
Posted 6 months ago
I really enjoy my support with Passion Tree. They always provide continuity of care from staff that I know and get on well with which has helped me greatly. My shifts are always covered so I’m never left on my own. Most importantly of all my opinion and feelings on how I want my support to be delivered and managed is always sought, listened to and respected. Any difficulties that I encounter are resolved swiftly.
Posted 7 months ago
Passion Tree started looking after my Dad 3 months ago. My Dad had care with another company before them and the experience was not so good hence our leaving them. After an initial wobble on the first day, the service has been quite good. The staff have been excellent, office staff, especially Julia, calls whenever a carer is delayed. I have no complaints whatsoever. S Locke
Posted 8 months ago
We have been happy with Passiontree's care and hope to be so in the future.
Posted 1 year ago
Warm and friendly staff, great care providers. Thank you for the great service you are providing for my mother.
Posted 1 year ago
We were very happy with Passion Tree. You were immediately able to help us and arrange nighttime care which we required. We were happy with both our carers over the 3 weeks or so. However, Pauline was excellent in every way. We immediately liked her, and she couldn’t do enough for us, and especially my father. She made us feel very comfortable, my father in particular. She was very attentive to anything he wanted or needed during the night, and was very quick to assist him in any way she could. Pauline was very caring and very likeable. We cannot praise her highly enough! Our weekend carer, Yaya, was also good and friendly. I liked the continuity we had, by having Pauline all week days and Yaya at the weekends. It was better for my father to know who would be with him each evening. Both carers were punctual to arrive. Overall, we were very happy with the care my father received.
Posted 1 year ago
Brilliant service, can not fault it.
Posted 1 year ago
Passion Tree Care Service is rated 4.95 based on 21 reviews