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About Komodo Maths: Komodo helps young children master maths at home. It works on ipad, android tablet laptop and smartphone providing maths practice in a rewarding, effective and personal way. Komodo is carefully designed for home use so it complements classroom mathematics with parents playing a key part in encouraging the learners. Komodo is winner of several educational technology awards.

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"Cannot believe the difference it has made to my daughters maths skills. It is such a good quality app and is covering all the things she needs to for her SATS. Have recommended it to her school and so many other parents, it has made life so much easier!"
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Thanks for your feedback Rebecca, it's wonderful to hear!
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"Thank goodness for a game like platform that we can set personal rewards. Our son loves the "levels". He'll work for hours if we let him. He's already earned a trip to the seaside with Daddy, and is now going for a trip to the cinema. I only wish the platform extended into secondary school level."
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Thanks Shannon for your great review. I'll pass on your feedback to our developers! :-)
"My 5 year old son had made immense progress in maths using Komodo .Very happy."
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Thanks Indira for your review, great to hear!
"My daughter’s maths skills improved a lot with Komodo"
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Thanks for your review! It's lovely to hear that Komodo has helped improve your daughter's maths skills.
"provided a structured learning environment for our children and helped them make good progress in maths"
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Great to hear your children have made good progress using Komodo! Thanks for your review John.
"I have watched my 7 yr olds confidence grow around numbers as he progresses through the belts in Komodo Maths. It is a great app, 15 minutes 3 to 4 times per week seems to be ample. I would recommend it to any parent who wants their childs maths knowledge underpinned."
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We're happy to hear Komodo is helping your little one's confidence grow in maths. Thanks for your recommendation!
"Brilliant! I originally signed up to this for my 10 year old who was strugggling with her maths, I’ve found it so useful I now use it for my 6 year old too. It has really helped my 10 year old and her progress has been recognised at school. My only criticism is that the lessons could do with being changed more often for younger children (4-7) as my child tends to lose interest after a few goes on the same thing."
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Thanks for taking the time to write this review. We're glad Komodo has helped your children with their maths learning. I've passed your feedback on to our developers.
"My 7 year old daughter has just started using Komodo. She is totally hooked! Her concentration is generally quite poor but with Komodo she is really focused. The quirky characters and graphics keep her attention and she is really trying hard to get a good grade every time. Long may it continue!"
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"So far my son is really enjoying this, thank you!!!"
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"Komodo has really help my daughter improve on her maths, im really happy with komodo."
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"Well design app for kids to learn math. The internal email service is a great add as well for the parents to encourage the child and get the child to write."
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"My kids, age 6 and 9 are loving Komodo maths. We have only used it for a month but I can already see a massive improvement. I don't have to remind them dye to the reward system."
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"The lessons are short enough to get through a few each time. My children were motivated to do more when they looked at their progress."
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"My kid is 5 yrs with good mastery of math. Doing Komodo is boring for him because the time given 10 minutes for 20/12 questions which doesn't challenge him. He likes to beat the time like a game, but Komodo doesn't offer that. Overall used time for him to complete a level is 1-2 minutes. Besides, Komodo doesn't let him choose his level and I don't really think Komodo has assigned a trainer for my son because even he did the assessment test, and he was exceptionally excellent, he still has to answer 1+2. I personally think that it shouldn't have been that way. He has mastered times 9 and still he needs to answer 1+2. That's the reason I think that the assessment was of no use. Any how, thank you for the trial. Still enjoyed it for first few levels. Thanks."
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Thanks for the review. It's rare that 5 year olds have already mastered up to 9 times tables. Sorry that we may not have picked this up when I assigned the learning plan - we're always happy to reassign when asked. The lesson timing can be changed via the settings you can also choose your own levels to complete. I will send you an email explaining how to do this.
"I think Komodo is excellent and has really helped my eldest son with multiplication in particular. He struggles with maths and I thought this would be a fun way to help him, much better than doing sums from a book. The reward system is great and a real incentive for him to do his Komodo lessons. He also loves the stickers you get for each belt and proudly sticks them on his poster! My younger son on the other hand finds maths a breeze and wanted to do Komodo like his big brother! The videos for each new topic are very helpful. I particularly like the emails I get with links to the blog giving tips on various maths topics. As a parent but not a teacher it's difficult sometimes to know how to help your children as the way maths is taught has changed a great deal since I was at school. The emails help me to know how maths is explained to children currently. The family maths challenges are fun to do and get all the family involved. I've just printed out the space one so looking forward to trying that later... All in all, I've been very impressed with Komodo and would recommend it to anyone whose child needs a bit of extra help with maths or for children who love maths and want to do extra maths."
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"This is a fantastic online Maths Tutor. My son found the reward system hugely motivating and confidence boosting. The tutorials are very straightforward and the examples very clear. He was able to see his progress and it made him want to get quicker and quicker, this process cemented his mental maths and he started secondary school with incredibly secure foundations on which to build the next stage.All primary age children should use this tool. It gives children the individualised care they need to progress at their own rate so they never feel out of their depth or lost. The only conclusion your child will reach after using Komodo is that they are excellent mathematicians!"
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"Izzy can use it independently and track her progress easily. A little and often has helped her confidence with numbers improve. Will be staying with Komodo for the immediate future."
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"Brilliant... my kids (7 and 6) have given up their usual screen time allocation and are now asking for Komodo instead! I like that the maths part is serious, but then they work towards challenges, different coloured levels, belts, etc to keep them amused on the side. Absolutely delighted!! My one improvement suggestion to Komodo would be around emails: they have sent me a zillion emails since we signed up... I know what my kids are up to... I'm in the same room... no need to keep telling me what they are doing!! Why not just send me one dashboard-style email every week?"
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Hi Yvonne, Thanks for the review. We're redesigning the email flow now so we will send less and build in greater control. For the moment you can switch off "learner email" ( via the settings > user settings > you ). Thanks Jane
"My daughter has been using Komodo Maths for the last 9 months and loves it. iI is very good for her quick recall of times tables, which they have been working on in school. She is very motivated by the reward system, is always wanting to achieve an A* stage grade and she loves working towards the coloured belts. We have a Komodo reward chart for the coloured belts on our kitchen wall !! The tutorials are very good and provide useful tips for the user. It is really important that for any answers that are incorrect we go over them together and Komodo gives the chance to do corrections and to upgrade the stage grade. Messages to the user from Komodo are very motivating and the user can change the guy they want to use, which we find fun !! Overall, Komodo has made learning maths a lot easier in our house and our daughter is very motivated by it."
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"Komodo Maths App is the best maths learning learning app out there. It's tailored to your child ability and moves with them so keeps their interest. The graphics and characters are fun and the rewards push them to achieve their goals and belts. Definitely a worthwhile purchase. 5 stars!"
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Komodo Maths is rated 4.60 based on 47 reviews