Air Freshener Camera 30 Day Battery Life Reviews

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This compact everyday air freshener case contains a top quality 2K camera and recorder that record both audio and video on to a micro SD card. The remarkable thing about this video camera recorder is that it can remain in standby for up to 30 days on a single charge.

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Nayot T
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Unfortunately this air freshener quality was not too good . The built is very flimsy. We found the operating of the device very complicated. Sadly had to send back.
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This product may be excellent but I haven’t managed to set it up yet. Instructions do not correspond to the model received.
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Richard B
Quite a high price but the quality of the picture is pretty good. The instructions are it’s biggest let down and leave you feeling slightly underwhelmed. Also you need to have access to a monitor with av input to set the thing up accurately which in these days why aren’t you supplying it with hdmi cable or something a little less old school for this amount of money. Overall it does the job I wanted and was delivered quickly with no fuss.
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Mr Stewart B
the camera is good, the sound a little hissy.
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Suresh P
I think it's bit expensive. But does the job.
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Easily hidden in plain sight with a great field of view for such a small camera. Day quality is good enough for most applications but low light can be a bit grainy, but that is to be expected. The long life battery really does last 30 hours and set up and operation are easy to do. Real peace of mind for my home security.
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The K
Works fine. Just hard to turn cam off when charging. It refuses and fights a bit. I can see why they suggest buying a separate battery charger. Also, there is no air freshener for sale anywhere in the uk that looks this way. At least not easily found. Same exact look as all South East Asian made Air Freshener Spycams from any reseller. And the "motion detector" seems to actually be a sound detector since it reacts if you have the cam looking straight down a rug and make a noise. But doesn't seem to react quickly to people walking by it slowly and silently on a thick carpet. Decent quality video. All in all happy with it so far.
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