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It looks like one of those standard chunky pens that you see everywhere these days, it has 4G worth of storage and connects direct to your PC/laptop (via USB cable supplied) for playback of your recorded footage. The video & audio quality is very good indeed plus you have the added bonus of actually being able to use the device as a normal pen.

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Louis C
This camera takes a couple of runs to get used to. It was quite easy to get it to record once I had worked out the timing of the green light, the sound and the recording are very good provided you keep the camera still, distance to the subject is important! I tend to hold the camera following the subject, here I find practice makes perfect. Unscrewing the pen requires a delicate touch, slow and steady helps aligning the 2 parts, I also keep the pen open in a writing position as putting it down to use another pen looks odd!! All in all as a mobile device, gathering evidence it works great at a very cost effective price...just practice with it as going in cold could disappoint!!
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Stephen L
Its very cool
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Hayley B
Received this product quickly and when I called the customer service they were really helpful
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The product is ok, but the mannual should have come with a drawing of the product and well labelled in explosive view.
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Mohammad B
Product is dynamic and good as per the expectations.
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