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I started Coffee Hit in 2008, when I was always buying cool coffee gear from USA and Australia as it was not availble in the UK. I wanted great coffee for my customers and at home!
I wanted to help cafes and people make great coffee at home. I wanted to show people it didnt need to be expensive and great coffee can be fun and simple.

But if your like me you like to geek out a bit and we also have some really cool coffee brewing gear for my fellow coffee geeks.

We have the solutions for you to make great coffee at home or in the cafe.

Paul, Owner

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Mikhail S
This is an incredibly well designed and build grinder for those who invest in quality coffee beans and strive for best possible brews at home or while traveling. Yes, it's quite bulky and heavy comparing to others but grind quality says it all. The way it's been designed and build reflects the passion of people who stay behind this product. I don't make espresso's. Only filter brews. Grind consistancy in a medium size range is trully stunning and comparable (or even better) than commercial grinders. The force you need to apply to turn and grind is high but it grinds very fast. Maybe the handle could be a little longer that it could make it a little easier to turn it, but it's not a big deal. General impression is that grinder worth investing like no other of your coffee gear because the grind quality makes a huge deal when it comes to a taste of the cup.
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Posted 5 years ago
Marc C
Amazing product. Bit heavier than I thought, but when you see it you know why. Perfectly made. The grinding is easy and the grinds come out consistent
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Posted 5 years ago