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Hammond N
I've got through two or three of these now - it is a pain to have to replace it but it is designed to snap to protect the much more expensive parts from grit that may have got into your beans. Good on Baratza for letting owners maintain their own machines.
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Posted 1 month ago
Matthew P
The ring burr holder is a crucial, 'sacrificial' component of the grinder, and when it failed i anticipated a long search to find an expensive replacement. To the contrary, Coffee Hit had them in stock and very reasonably priced. I bought two.
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Posted 2 months ago
Ian S
... the new Baratza Grinder Ring Burr Holder makes. However, I cannot understand why I have to pay so much for it; but I had no choice. Delivered at top speed so I did not need to grind by hand for too long.
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Posted 2 months ago
Andrew B
My coffee grinding started to become inconsistent. I reached out to Coffee Hit who first suggested I followed Baratza grinder checks. I glad I did as immediately I noticed that my Ring Burr Holder had lost one of its tabs and that a second tab was also breaking off. The Ring Burr holder was cheap to buy and simple to replace. My grinder is over 6 years old and is used almost everyday.
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Posted 2 months ago
Mine broke, replacing was very simple, delivery was quick
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Posted 2 months ago
Kim D
Really great to be able to get hold of spare parts for my grinder
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Posted 3 months ago
Hugh B
Delighted that I was able to get this part. Baratza have an excellent video showing how to install it and it restored my grinder to perfect working order
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Posted 3 months ago
Abdulkaium S
Author didn't leave any comments.
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Posted 5 months ago