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Please note that there is a minimum order quantity of 3 units on this product. Designed to angle all of our single colour, colour changing and dual colour LED strip lights to 45° it can provide a completely unique look to your LED strip light installation. Due to its internal width of 11.2mm, our ranges of RGB LED Pixel Tape and RGBW strip lights are too wide to fit. Like our range of Aluminium profiles, all of the necessary mounting brackets and end caps are provided with every order of profiles. As these profiles are 2m in length they come with 4 brackets per length of profile as oppose to 2 with the singular metres. As the LED tapes are very versatile the profiles also need to be. This means that they can be installed in almost any location that the strip light can be installed into, from under cabinet lighting to external decorative lighting. Introducing SlimPro With a greatly improved design, the new SlimPro line of aluminium profiles will be able to dissipate heat at a rate not seen before. This can double your LED strip’s life expectancy by massively decreasing the heat pressures on it. This new SlimPro design also looks much more professional, with a stylish stainless steel look, and the choice between two different diffuser colours. Get The Perfect Finish For The Perfect Lighting Solution The full available range of Aluminium profiles all come with the option of having a diffuser with or without the lengths. The available diffusers come with either a frosted or clear effect helping get your LED strips looking exactly how you want them to. Their angled design means the strip lights are slightly more robust for installation. On top of this, either diffuser helps further the protection of the LED tapes. The two different diffusers offer radically different effects and can change the final look of your strips installation. Being frosted, the diffuser has a more translucent finish making it great for getting a wash of light as the translucency diffuses the light a lot better than the clear one. This superior diffusion means it is used in installations where the lights are either directly visible or are visible through indirect line of site. Examples include decking lighting and commercial projects. Alternatively, the clear diffuser is a transparent finish that doesn't really offer any diffusion, making it better use for any installation where the LED strips are hidden from view. This makes it brilliant for any under cabinet or under plinth lighting. Make Your Lights Last Longer Than Ever Before Aluminium profiles are mainly used for their aesthetic qualities, but they do also have another, hidden use allowing them to extend the length of the LED strip lights by up to 50%. Despite the fact that LEDs are

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