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Switch to our 3ft T8 LED Tube Light, and enjoy the same luminosity of fluorescent tubes at just a fraction of the energy consumption. This Mirrorstone tube light uses hundreds of high power SMDs (surface mounted diodes) to distribute its light at a beam angle of 180o resulting in a very bright end product. With just 15W powering a massive 1100 lumens of light, this T8 tube light is a far more economical solution to your commercial lighting needs – an equivalent fluorescent variant would consume 6 times more energy. At 50,000 hours of life too, this LED tube will fulfil your lighting needs for years to come, and do it well to thanks to a colour rendering index (CRI) of 70. Options of colour temperature are open to you too – with warm white (3000K) and cool white (6000K) choices. Please bear in mind that T8 tubes will not work with the ballasts on your existing fittings and some simple rewiring will be required. If you have any difficulties with this we highly recommend getting advice from a qualified electrician. Introducing OMNIPower The new and improved OMNIPower range delivers a highly efficient tube light that brings incredible energy-efficiency. Delivering more lumens-per-watts than ever before, these have a wider beam angle to ensure that every last nook and cranny is lit to its fullest. A Tube Light For Every Setting Our featured tube light has a length of 900mm (3ft) and is ideal for relatively small rooms such as the garage. For other applications however, we have a range of T8 tube lights that come in different lengths. For sheds or other such areas, we have an even smaller tube light at 600mm length (2ft). This variant provides 800 lumens of light at just 10W of energy and is also available with the same colour temperatures. For more commercial uses however, such as shops and supermarkets, we have a much larger 1500mm length (5ft) version that provides a huge 1800 lumens of light, using just 20W. Whichever items you decide to buy, be sure to make the most of any discounts and promotional codes we might have running on selected products, where you could save up to 20%. Ditch Your Fluorescents And Go LED! There are a number of reasons why LED tube lights are the way to go, ahead of conventional fluorescent variants. Some of the more basic reasons become apparent the moment you flick the switch – you’ll get instant light, no humming and zero flickering. None of our LEDs contain harmful substances such as Mercury either – which is present in compact fluorescent lamps in a vapour form – leading to potential health threats to you and to wider ecosystems in the event of a leak. The lack of such chemicals makes...

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David Thomas
Great service, easy to fit and gives a brilliant light.
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Adrian Stannard
The old starter was swapped for the new one supplied and the tube inserted and it worked brilliantly. I will come back in 10 years time to say how well it is lasting!!
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