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For a bright tube light that won’t cost the earth to run, look no further than this 2 Foot T8 LED Tube model from Mirrorstone Lighting. Its wide 180° beam angle will ensure fantastic light dispersal, and with a life-expectancy in excess of 50,000 hours, it’ll still be lighting your way in ten years’ time, long after its fluorescent equivalent has burned out. Its light has a very similar quality to that of daylight, proven by the Colour Rendering Index (CRI) number it has been assigned. In turn, you’ll be able to decide upon the colour temperature of the light your T8 LED Tube Light emits, as there’s a choice of cool white (6000K) and warm white (3000K) varieties. Achieving its 800 Lumens of brightness by passing an electric current through hundreds of Surface-Mounted Diodes (SMDs), this LED will effectively replace an 80W traditional fluorescent tube light, yet requires 1/8th of the power to do so. Whilst it will replace the light of your fluorescent, it won’t work with your existing ballasts, so you’ll need to carry out some simple rewiring work. Should this present you with a problem, we strongly advise you to consult a qualified electrician before undertaking it. Or, if you feel confident to give it a go, take a look at these informative diagrams for details: Introducing OMNIPower The new and improved OMNIPower range delivers a highly efficient tube light that brings incredible energy-efficiency. Delivering more lumens-per-watts than ever before, these have a wider beam angle to ensure that every last nook and cranny is lit to its fullest. An LED Tube Light To Suit Your Needs This 600mm/ 2 foot LED tube light is fairly small, and it will be the ideal choice for summer houses, sheds or small garages. But if you have a larger space, requiring a greater degree of illumination, we have a wider range of T8 LED Tube Lights to suit your every need. Yes, from the 900mm 3 foot model, which at 1100 Lumens will be great for larger garages and even your kitchen, to the 1800mm 6 foot behemoth, emitting a massive 2500 Lumens and all in between, you’ll definitely find one to illuminate your space whatever its dimensions. Whichever T8 LED tube light you decide upon, you’ll immediately begin making savings of between 10 and 20% when you apply the current discount code at the checkout. That goes for many other selected items too, so go for it today! You’ll definitely want to create an online account and become a trade customer when you see the financial benefits of purchasing our products at the incredibly low wholesale prices! But Why LED? Apart from the money-saving implications of switching to LED from your current, outmoded fluorescent tube lights, there are

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Paul Kirton-Smith
well, that was easy. staff very helpful and the lamp arrived real quick. Good service thank you.
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Graham Bruce
First class thank you. This tube was very easy to install, gives an excellent light. The packaging for delivery was very strong, I would not expect any failures due to rough handling. I am fed up with anything fluorescent,
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Susan Costa
Straight replacement. amazing light quality. very professional packed and fast delivery. very helpful team especially on the technical side
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David T
Really good replacements, light quality is so much better than my old fluorescent tubes, ordered at 3pm on Monday arrived at 10am on Tuesday, very good rapid service
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Roland Head
Lights work well service excellent.
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