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If you’re looking to connect 3 different lengths of 5050 sized LED strip light, our pack of 2 x 5050 T Connectors might just be the perfect item for the job. Built by Mirrorstone, this set of connectors is as easy as they come – simply place your LED tape over the metal nodes, snap down the protective cover to secure them in place, and away you go. There’s no need for any soldering, as the durable white plastic finish provides a neat connection for your LED tape. At 30mm in size, it’s small enough to go pretty much unnoticed in the grander setup. If you already have your strip lights, there is a possibility that your tape uses 3528 sized chips, in which case you’ll need our 2 Pack 3528 T Connectors instead. These are identical to our featured 5050 connectors, only they are compatible with 3528 chips. You should also take a browse through all our strip light accessories to make sure you’re getting the very best out of your LED tape. Take a look at our special discount codes, where our various deals could save you up to 20% off selected items, including this set of connectors! A Strip Light To Connect One of the more convenient aspects of these connectors is that most of the LED tapes we sell use 5050 sized chips. This gives you a great deal of freedom when it comes to choosing what kind of strip lights you’d like. A more basic option is our 7.2W Single Colour LED Strip Lights. They offer great performance at small energy consumption – 510 lumens from 7.2W/m respectively. The 120o beam angle makes for an even spread of light which is ideal for general illumination. On the other end of the spectrum, our 7.2W RGB LED Pixel Tape has loads of functionality compared to the single colour. Paired with the right controller, you can get up to 133 different effects with a multitude of colours. This lets you go crazy with the lighting options – allowing you to really get creative! Be sure to look through our whole range of strip lights though remember, our connectors are only compatible with the 5050 chip size. Returns, Warranty And Contact Info If you have any problems with your pack of 5050 T connectors – or if you’ve simply changed your mind – you’re welcome to get a full refund or exchange at any point during our 14 day home trial period. After this, you’ll be covered by Mirrorstone’s 12 month replacement warranty. If you need to speak to us about anything – this pack of connectors for strip lights, our LED strips, wholesale rates or anything else – then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Send an email to us at cs@wled.co.uk, or speak to a member of our friendly customer services team on 0116 321 4120. ...

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