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Reach the full potential of our RGB/W LED Strip Lights with the addition of the RGB/W Multi Touch LED Strip Light Controller. Each purchase comes with its own LED sync receiver, and a controller completely finished in black. All it requires is a 3V lithium battery and you’ll be good to go. The connected strips can also be controlled from a distance of 20m from the receiver. So, even if it was hard-wired into your mains, no connectivity issues would be caused. Using radio-frequency, it also means you won’t need to be in the direct line of sight to the receiver, so it can be managed from a different room. This one remote can only control up to 12m of RGB/W strip tape, however, it is RJ45 compatible, meaning you can link multiple receivers together and control them from just one remote. Push The Boundaries Show off your true colours and experience all 16 hues this remote can create, including a bright white option. The added white actually allows you to create pastel colours so the limits are in fact endless. Switch it up further and try dimming the light, this way you can create the exact mood lighting you may desire. Installation is an incredibly simple process by following this wiring diagram below: However, if you are still having issues installing your LED Strip Lights or are unsure on cutting or installing, then have a look at our 'How To' guides on our YouTube Channel. Get Inspired We have a grand selection of different LED strip lights for you to choose from, so you can get the exact look that you want. Why not get involved in the hype and try out the Dual Colour LED Strip Lights. With both cool white(6000K) and warm white(3000K) chips, you can create any white light you wish. Or, you could mix the two together to make daylight(4000K). The perfect match would be the Dual Colour Touch Controller. The glossy black remote controls the strip lights, and upon purchase also comes with the LED receiver. For any other remotes or accessories you may need, take a look at our other LED controllers Reap The Benefits Switching to LEDs comes with a mass of benefits, including but not limited to their fantastic environmental benefits. For example, if every UK household replaced just one bulb in their home to an LED, it would equate to 176,210 cars being taken off of the road. Overall, this greatly reduces your carbon footprint, helping the planet from the comfort of your own home. They also come with a rather long lifespan, as they can last for approximately 50,000 hours. If you treat them well, you’ll be able to increase this by 50%, and have lighting that last for anywhere up to 75,000 hours! Cut The Costs Save yourself some money and check out our discount code page which is full of offers of up to 20% off of selected items. Get free postage and packaging and spend just £40.00 on our website to qualify! Wholesale trade customers receive exclusive benefits, create an account...

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Another very good bit of kit from Wholesale LED Lights. Note that the controller is pre-paired with the receiver in the same box, so you cannot use one controller for a number of receivers.
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Douglas Chapman
Seems a like a good item. Easy to connect up to and so far does exactly what I wanted.
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