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Armed with 2700 lumens and a 120° beam angle – our Mirrorstone manufactured Infinity 30W LED Floodlight is the only option for illuminating large areas outside your home. Yet one of the best things about it is that it uses just 30W – an equivalent halogen floodlight would use 10 times more energy at 300W! The IP65 rating protection means that it can withstand all kinds of weather, and the 30,000 hour lifespan means that maintenance is minimal – allowing you to install them wherever you want without having to worry about replacing it. All this amazing performance comes packaged in a stunning, sleek curved aluminium body unlike anything else on the market – so you can wave goodbye to the ugly, boxy floodlights that we’ve become used to seeing everywhere. Introducing Infinity 3.0 The Infinity 3.0 range of LED floodlights is much improved, with more penetrative light reaching into the limits of your exterior. The energy-efficiency has been massively heightened, with a much higher brightness-to-watts ratio than ever before. The PIR sensors on selected models have also been finely-tuned, to avoid erroneous actions, and only highlight what’s necessary. Brilliant Performance It’s all well and good having the numbers on your side, but the quality needs to be there too – and that’s where our 30W LED Floodlight really shines. It has a colour rendering index (CRI) of 80, so objects won’t appear out of colour or washed out when the light shines on them. You can even stamp a bit of your own personality on it too. Pick from a choice of black or white finishes, depending on the rest of your exterior decor. You can also choose from a couple of colour temperatures too. This is simply the shade of white emitted by the floodlight, and is measured in Kelvins. The 2 choices are Warm White (3000K) and Cool White (6000K). Warm White is the softer of the 2 colours, closely resembling the appearance of a halogen light. Cool White is far brighter than warm, offering a cleaner, icier shade, and is better for illuminating large areas. Keep More Of Your Money In Your Pocket! There are a number of money saving incentives on this floodlight – the first of which is our discount and promotional codes page. We run a number of different codes throughout the year that could save you up to 20% off this floodlight! Lastly, purchasing 5 or more units earns you bulk buy discounts, giving you even more savings! No Fuss Cancellations If there are any unlikely problems with your floodlight, you can cancel it within 14 days for a full refund or exchange – no questions asked! Beyond this, you’ll also get a 3 year replacement warranty with the manufacturer, covering you for any unlikely faults in the longer term. For any other queries you might have about this item, installations, wholesale enquiries or anything else, then please give us a call on 0116 321 4120. You can also email us at

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Richard Mrowicki
Having searched extensively for suitable LED lights to replace 2x500 W security lights I was immediately struck by the neatness of the design and the overall design. For my application the cable tail was rather short but after installation I could not be more delighted with the appearance and operation of the lights, with excellent light intensity and coverage - never mind the improved energy conservation. Highly recommended.
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John Freeman
Purchased as a replaced a 300W Halogen R7 Floodlight. Has good light distribution and brightness: a little whiter light than expected for a warm white model. Well made and very compact and good value for the money. The only criticisms is the short supply cable at 23cm can give installation problems.
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Michael Wolstencroft
Excellent quality and finish. Could do with a longer connecting cable, say, 1 metre, to pass through a wall cavity.
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