OMNIPower 1200mm 4ft T5 LED Tube Light, 18W (1280 Lumens) Reviews

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This 4 foot T5 LED tube light from Mirrorstone™ is intended to directly replace your current T5 fluorescent tube/bulb. It’s now super easy to install one of these LED tube lights where your old fluorescent bulb used to be. There’s no need to change the whole fitting any more, which is just one of the reasons that so many people think the time is right to replace them with LEDs. It comes complete with all the necessary fixtures and fittings, and they’ll be the ideal replacement in rooms and areas such as kitchens, garages, offices and warehouses, in which fluorescent lights have traditionally been used. Now though, fluorescent lights are no longer considered sufficiently energy-efficient, cost-effective or even safe enough to be a viable option, and this is where more up-to-date LED technology truly comes into its own! This LED T5 tube light has a 180° beam arc, achieving a very wide and even light distribution, and it comes in a choice of either Warm (3000K) or Cool (6000K) White colour temperatures. Introducing OMNIPower The new and improved OMNIPower range delivers a highly efficient tube light that brings incredible energy-efficiency. Delivering more lumens-per-watts than ever before, these have a wider beam angle to ensure that every last nook and cranny is lit to its fullest. Light Up Your Whole Life! Just because this 120mm, 4ft T5 LED Tube Light - 18W (1280 Lumens) is the perfect fit for one of your rooms or areas, it doesn’t necessarily follow that it’ll be just right for every one. We know this, and that’s why we stock such a huge variety of other models, each with its own unique specifications and potential applications! Everyone Feels The Benefit! There are considerable benefits to be gained from switching to LED, not just for you, but for everyone! If you choose not to switch your lighting to LED, you won’t reap the rewards it has to offer. This LED tube’s 1280 Lumens of brightness are the equivalent of the fluorescent model, despite its significantly lower power requirement. As lighting your home and/or business comprises approximately 20% of your energy expenditure, you should begin to see a reduction in your bill within just 12 months! There are significant health-related benefits of switching to LED too. LEDs work in complete silence, producing none of the annoying buzzing sound or headache-inducing flicker of their fluorescent counterparts. Unlike fluorescent lights, these T5 LED tube lights don’t contain any nasty Mercury, they don’t emit potentially harmful UV light, and they’re many times more recyclable, all of which speak to their excellent environmental credentials! Super Savings For You! We’re constantly finding new ways to save you money on our products. And, every so often, there’ll be Special Discount Codes on a selected range of products of which you can avail yourself. Input the appropriate code at the online checkout, and you’ll be given up to 20% extra off our already reduced prices! There’s also the option of becoming a trade customer to consider. If you choose to do this, you’ll be welcome to take full advantage of

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Lee Harrington
Very impressed with both build quality and the performance. Very bright and was perfect for the application. Will buy some more, highly recommended, great value.
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John Hartley
get light, just what I wanted
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Micheal Denny
These LED lights are superb. As bright as my old 5 ft fluorescent. They are easy to mount and come with everything that you need. The connecting cable could do with being a bit longer but that said a bit of solder and some shrink wrap did the job. I am just waiting for my 5 ft tube light to finish off my garage.
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Michael Neely
Delighted with these lights. Neat, easy to fit, instant start and a fine white light that is perfect for kitchen work - no shadows.
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Hilary Kilborn
Light output is excellent. The only drawback is the length of the lead is only 100 mm (4") which makes connecting it a bit difficult.
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Ian Spencelayh
The tail's a little short but the light output is great. They are light in weight so the clips should hold them up well.
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Keith Thompson
Author didn't leave any comments.
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I was using fluorescent tubes in my kitchen, I replaced one with your led tube light and was amazed at the difference my kitchen was so much brighter and the light definitely spread further, I immediately ordered another one, now it's like having daylight indoors! !
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