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Coming in a traditional lantern styling, the Outdoor Wall Lantern With PIR Sensor fits perfectly into the outside decorations of any home. It is available in 3 unmistakable finishes of Black, White and Black Silver. Both the Black and White finishes come with just their base colour as the finish whilst the Black Silver finish comes with a base finish of Black and then has Silver painted on top to help achieve its finish. There is also an integrated PIR motion sensor on the unit, meaning that any bulb installed will only be switched upon detection of movement. This can be very helpful in allowing you to only use the lights when necessary which can both save you money and potentially detect any criminals. Even though there is a strong focus on the design of the light, it doesn't have lose any of its intended functionality. It comes with an IP rating of 44 making it resistant to splashes of water. This IP rating is also the minimum rating required for any bathroom fittings proving its worth resisting water. As well as the range of available options available, there is also a huge range of compatible E27 LEDs including the full E27 range of LED light bulbs from Mirrorstone. This even includes the new range that features traditionally styled, OMNI-LED technology, where the LEDs are designed in a filament style. Each fitting comes with a maximum load of 60w meaning it is capable of housing all types of bulbs, including traditional incandescent light bulbs. When using LEDs with the unit, you negate any possibility of potentially over loading the unit thanks to the miniscule load of each bulb. This modest load means that you can make savings of up to 90% on your bills, which is one of the main reasons people switch to LED. LEDs also give you more benefits than just a cost saving as the prudent draw of power is also one of the reasons LEDs are a lot more environmentally friendly than traditional lighting solutions. LEDs can even be recycled, reducing their impact massively and making their disposal extremely easy. Unlike some older light bulbs, LEDs have no trace of any toxic chemicals within them such as mercury and they do not flicker, both of these are two of many factors as to why LEDs are also beneficial to your health. Introducing EliteR The EliteR range of outdoor lights brings a real sense of class. They’ve also been redesigned to maximise what you get out of them. Their resilience to weather has been boosted hugely, increasing their IP rating and therefore their water-resistance. They’ve also been built to be durable, with a focus on premium materials. EasiLight: A World Of Colour In Your Hands Add some colour to your garden with our exclusive EasiLight RGB bulbs. Compatible with selected fittings, simply pop in the bulb and control using a remote – gone are the days of switches. Innovate your home’s exterior with this smart technology and control your lighting from the push of a button. This intelligent range can emit up to 16 million colours using Wi-Fi, dim or brighten to your chosen aesthetic and can even be paired with your Amazon Alexa smart-home device. Still with the low cost, tough durability and long life-span of LEDs, have the added bonus of wowing your guests with this truly unique and mesmerising lighting. Connect your bulb with Wi-Fi Bridge Box to control the speed, brightness and other bulb functions via your smartphone, or opt for a 4 Zone Wallplate when you have multiple bulbs to control. Don’t forget to purchase your Remote Holder to ensure it never escapes. For more options, simply search ‘Easilight’ in our search bar for the entire range! Please note that when purchasing the RGB bulbs with this fitting, you will need a minimum of one remote to control your bulbs. So, if you’re purchasing a single fitting, you will need to pick the option with remote, whereas if you’re purchasing multiple fittings, only one of them needs to be purchased with a remote.

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Tim Carswell
I bought two of these as a replacement for very old PIR lanterns. The most difficult part of the switch over was getting the ladder out of the garage ! The new lanterns' bases screw to the wall with two screws, two wires into a detachable block inside, fit the front to the back with two screw fittings and its done. They look good are well built, the LED bulbs are just as bright as my old 60w bulbs and the PIR sensors operate dusk - dawn flawlessly. The weight and length of the lantern front is greater than the base part that screws to the wall, it also protrudes slightly forward. This causes the lantern to noticeably 'lean' away from the wall at the top until the bottom section rests against the wall. It is, however, easy enough to wedge a small block of wood unobtrusively under the bottom edge to push it back upright
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John Bibbings
The lamps have a Black body, easy to assemble and can be used pointing upwards or lamps to hang downwards.
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Louisa Bird
It fit together very easily. It arrived quickly. It works very well.It detects at approx 12m . Does not adjust for length of time or light/dark. Looks pretty.
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Alan Sutton
Excellent value for money. Well made from tough plastic and glass and looks as good as some costing many times more. Worked well from first switching on. Strong, bright light; cannot adjust on-period but the light stays on long enough to unlock the door or to see who's arrived. Instructions are excellent with clear diagrams and wiring detail. Was slight hiccup regarding delivery but showroom staff were very helpful, friendly and determined to give good service. Product and Wholesale LED Lights both highly recommended.
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Matthew Patterson
Excellent quality easy to install. instructions could do with being updated to show that it has a switched LIVE pre installed
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