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Get closer to low voltage halogen spotlights than ever before with the MR16 6w COB. You can swap these over with your current 50w fittings and make savings of up to 90% on your lighting bills. You can also make savings on your order before we dispatch the items with our 5% multi buy discount on any orders of 5 or more. Want even more money off? We have a wide range of discount codes with savings of up to 20% for use with our full range of mains and low voltage LED spotlights. You can make a 20% saving before you have even received your order. Introducing ProLED Our ProLED range of spotlights brings greater energy-efficiency than ever before. You’ll be getting many more lumens per wattage with a ProLED. They utilise a much-improved array of reflective panels internally to focus the light into much narrower areas, making them much better. They have massively upgraded heat sinks, meaning greater heat dissipation, and longer lifespans. Newest Advancements In LED Technology At Highly Competitive Rates This product features one large COB LED. Alongside its multifaceted reflector, the 6w COB can emit a beam angle of 60°. The evolution from SMD to COB spotlights has made LEDs a closer replacement than ever before. The 400 Lumen brightness makes the 6w COB a close replacement to 50w halogen spotlights, whilst having two colours to suit more situations than any 50w halogen spotlight before. One of the available colours, Warm White, has a light colour of 3000K which makes it the perfect replacement for any spotlights in your bedroom or living rooms as well as rooms that have a more traditional decor as the Warm Colour suits the style of the room very well. The other available colour is Cool White and is 6000K. The bright, White light emitted from Cool White is mainly used in rooms that need more light such as bathrooms and kitchens. Cool White is also used in rooms that have a modern decor to them. Give Another Dimension To Your Room With Dimmable LED Spotlights Like all of our MR16 LED spotlights, the 6w COBs are available to be dimmed with the right equipment. If you have a compatible LED dimmer switch and dimmable LED driver, then you can dim low voltage LED spotlights exactly like traditional ones. Each 6w COB has a life expectancy of up to 50,000 hours meaning you can expect up to 15 years worth of life and even more if you were to dim them. PLEASE ENSURE ALL MAINS POWER HAS BEEN DISCONNECTED BEFORE PROCEEDING *  Amazing 5 Year Cover Along with all of our Mirrorstone LED spotlights, LED light bulbs and

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Ricky Goode
Great bulb looks well made.
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Good service lamp does the job.
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Great light a beam spread. Much better than cheaper alternatives for a bathroom.
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David Plein
Author didn't leave any comments.
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William Fawcett
I bought these lamps as replacements for 50W tungsten flood lamps. The diameter is the same but the body is slightly longer, so they fit the existing light fittings but project slightly. They give a very even light but the colour is cooler than tungsten light even though they are designated 'warm white'. I am satisfied with the lamps but they are not a perfect substitute for 50W tungsten.
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Colin Winchester
The extra wattage over the usual 4w bulbs has make a tremendous difference to a bathroom with no windows. It's much brighter now.
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Murad Haibatan
Excellent product just what I needed after an extensive search against other big manufacturer
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Daryush Moussavi
Very bright. Really like the wide spread of light. Solid metal build. Love the big single LED in the middle. Perfect light temperature for bathrooms. Ridiculously efficient. Cost savings and reduced CO2 emissions top off a great product.
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