Centipede K200 Support XL 8ft x 4ft Portable Work System Reviews

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What a fantastic bit of kit! Light weight, strong, stable and takes up no space in the back of the van! I had to rip up 10'x6' veneered mdf sheets on site and this bench made it so much easier.
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Posted 3 years ago
This thing has got to be the greatest thing since sliced bread. Takes up very very little space when packed, but holds an 8x4 sheet when opened out, which takes but a few seconds. If cutting up small pieces of board, I find it easier to put a scrap 8x4 of OSB on top of it, then cut the smaller pieces on that. Can be a bit tricky to pack it when finished, it's just that a little more care is needed than when unpacking.
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Posted 3 years ago
Good solution for mobile work station, light weight and handy carry bag keeps it all in one place. Minor problem already identified a 4x8 sheet is slightly smaller than the top but not a major problem.
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Posted 3 years ago