Viavito PT500 7ft Pool Table Reviews

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Peter W
This is a very well built, rock solid table. The cloth is good quality and has a decent roll on it without being too much. The cushions are better than some similar tables I’ve played on and actually have a decent bounce on them. The balls are nicely weighted and the pockets are forgiving without being too easy. Overall the finish on the table is really good and as I say, it’s rock-solid. Sitting on the rails to take shots isn’t an issue at all. Assembly is easy but you definitely need 2 people to flip it over onto its feet. All round this is a very good table and well worth the money as it’s clearly been built to last.
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Posted 8 months ago
Now that we’ve had a chance to put it together and play over the weekend a few thoughts. Assembly: easy peasy with clear instructions and not a great deal of work to do. Pockets: Generous without being too big which makes for fun play without being too easy or too challenging. Playing surface: Decent cloth with a good run on it. Cushions: Better than expected. They’ve got a decent response without being slate bed standard. Build quality: Very good. This is a seriously solid table that does not move one iota when you’re leaning/sitting on the rail. Overall: Very good table that plays more than well enough for casual fun. Verdict: Don’t buy this table if you’re looking for a slate bed experience (at this price you really shouldn’t be expecting one) but if you’re looking for a solid table that won’t break the bank this is a good option. It’s enjoyable to play on, is well built and right now feels like money very well spent.
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Posted 9 months ago
Rock solid and lovely to play on. The cushions are nice and responsive and it looks fantastic too. Very happy!
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Posted 11 months ago