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Greg Elwell
My Move now sits in my home office but has already travelled around with me (all on Wi-Fi - no Bluetooth required yet); chillaxing in the bath, playing some tunes while work, pumping out some tunes while doing the chores in the spare room, kitchen (an immeasurable upgrade on the Google Nest Display) and upstairs where the One went (forgot it was there but the Move is easy to... wait for it... move around so it's become my natural household companion). Plus out in the Garage (attached to the house) while getting on the turbo trainer once it had already facilitated the clean up operation - all of the tasks go more quickly with some decent sounds. I already have a Beam / One SL surrounds set up and the Move compliments this full sound in other areas of the house - more than happy with the sound of the move that's surprisingly rich. My only gripe is in relation to some battery drain - listened to a couple of albums while off charger (mic on) and forgot to put back on the charging cradle - 24 hours or so later the battery had gone from 100% to 7% - 30 minutes on the charging cradle and back to 50% plus so not much of an issue around the house but one to watch out for. Auto Trueplay is a dream - love the difference in the sound that kicks in within a minute - or rather, it's more accurate to say, the consistency of the sound irrespective of the room it's Moved into or the larger garage space. The One is providing some soothing white noise to go to sleep to in the bedroom and a great alarm to wake up to plus a little bit playing of tunes when I haven't carried the Move upstairs - I haven't 'trueplay tuned' this speaker yet (need an iPhone friend to come round when the rules allow) so although the sound is already great I'm sure it will get better. If you haven't autotuned, don't have an iPhone then make friends with someone who does - you won't regret it, unless of course your new friend comes with baggage you can't get rid of... that I can't be held liable for - there's plenty of choice out there!
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Posted 4 months ago
Mr Nigel Barraclough
it took me a while to get Alexa working (had to have my UK address registered on my Sonos account) but other than that easy to set up and sounds AMAZING! the move has loads of volume love it!
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Posted 8 months ago
Keith Streeter
Sonos Move is better than expected, great sound and fine addition to my Sonos system. Sonos One (Gen 2) again great sound, can't tell the difference to my other Sonos One (Gen 1).
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Posted 1 year ago