Adafruit ADS1015 12-Bit ADC - 4 Channel with Programmable Gain Amplifier Reviews

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Ideal for the purpose that I wanted it. The board makes placement very easy.
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Posted 11 months ago
Awesome little ADC, easy to integrate into Pi or Arduino projects (particularly handy for Pi as they lack on-board ADC), well documented and trusted device. Great service from Pimoroni, no complaints at all :)
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Posted 1 year ago
Only one negative really, not overly fond of the ADDR Pin and its 3 states. Sure it means you can have 3 IВІC addresses, which is enough but not very many, I'd just much rather see solder jumpers or something similar. This little board allows you to have more ADC Inputs, they are of higher resolution than most Arduino ones (Except Due and Zero which have the same resolution) and is especially useful for a Raspberry Pi which has no on-board ADCs. For Arduino there is a very simple Library available at The Differential feature is nice as could be used as a little makeshift multimeter/oscilloscope project, allowing for an offset ground. Though for any higher voltages you would need to set up a voltage divider which would result in loss of resolution and accuracy, as the maximum voltage input on this is 5.5V. Good little breakout made by the trustworthy legends that are Adafruit Industries
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Posted 3 years ago