Pimoroni Ltd RoboHAT - Complete Robotics Controller for Raspberry Pi

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"The Robohat is a well thoughtout hat and would make a good base card for many types of robot project. The supporting python library makes integration nice and straight forward. I did get caught out on the Raspberry Pi3B+ as the Robohat has a very shallow gpio connector and the underside of the hat would have shorted against some of the RPi3+ pins if I handn't added gpio booster in between to raise the hat up a bit. It would also be fantastic if the hat offered pins for a second layer hat although there is an I2C connection which allows a bit more expansion."
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Posted 1 year ago
"Excellent bit of kit> I was building a robot buggy and was originally using an Explorer Hat Pro but it seemed to have a problem when I used an HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor, the timings went awry. Initially I had the robohat running 2 motors an HC-SR04 and a servo motor without any problems, I am now looking to add another servo (There's room for 4) With 6 inputs, 4 outputs, I2C breakout and motor control, as well as the option to add separate power for your motors, this unit is very versatile and a great addition to my ever growing collection of Hats."
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Posted 1 year ago