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Orthotix is the leading Welsh manufacturer and supplier of sports & orthopaedic bracing, distributing across the breadth of the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Our continually expanding range of braces and supports offer an orthotic solution for everyone, whether it be a sporting injury or an orthopaedic pathology. All of our products are certified as Class 1 medical devices and CE marked accordingly.

We are proud to manufacture our own range of products in Great Britain, whilst also benefiting from exclusive distribution agreements with our overseas market leading partners. This enables us to bring the most innovative and successful orthopaedic product from around the globe to the consumers of the UK.

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I did not receive anything from the purchase Of expensive knee brace for my painful injury knee
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Posted 3 months ago
I bought this is a long term alternative to my bulky NHS issued brace that wouldn't fit under clothes and had a tendency to slide down the leg. This performs very well, is slim and light weight and fits under "normal" fitting trousers and is not obvious that it's present. I've a very physical and active job and wear it for around 15 hours a day (been using daily for 2 weeks now). I've a grade 3 tear to both ACL and MCL and my consultant knee specialist thought the brace looked quite good and was fine for the job but said it was better suited to PCL injuries. As my knee recovers I will reduce its use but was told to use in future for activities like skiing. It's comfortable to wear and is well padded but i did suffer a few friction blisters on my leg. I put a bandage between my skin and the brace for a few days and it was fine, but would recommend perhaps using an elasticated tube bandage to start with as it's probably like wearing in a new pair of shoes. Overall would highly recommend.
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Posted 7 months ago