Sage Barista Express Bean to Cup Coffee Machine - BES875 Reviews

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Simply said it is not a machine that can compete with commercial ones and it has a few hindrances when it comes to using it. 1 the cup holder for extraction is too small in my opinion - result - you can't really grind as much coffie as u like it will just spill off , even if u set grinder to minimum level it still grind so much coffie (1 cup size or 2 cup size regardless). If you want the right amount it will spill few scoops on the ground. To fix this you have to tap it more than 1 time and use razor (matter of practice) BUT that doesnt change the fact that you have to kind of go around to do the job which doesn't make machine any worse than others or any less than others , however still I think it is bad design , could be easy fixed with wider coffie extractor holder that can contain more coffie in a flat area. 2 what I don't like is steamer - it feels like it doesn't have enough power and the small end have curve that is not nice to clean. Hot water top up is a nightmare and worst element of the machine often providing no consistent water but more like preassure water with air working more like a shotgun of water-air really dislike and don't use due to this. Otherwise it is a great machine I expected it to be not perfect but for this money it is really worth it and best choice!!! With the right coffie beans (taste) and the right process depending on coffie u have to press 3-4 times (if your coffie is dry mine) to achieve the right extraction and then practice with milk to achieve silky fluffy.... Then I can say it will produce better coffie than most of coffie shops in my area at least
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Posted 2 years ago