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Русалочка и Мару - самые красивые, на мой взгляд, куклы из линейки кукол Mini Pal. Давно хотела эту куклу и очень рада ее покупке.
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Posted 1 year ago
Very very lovely doll.
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Posted 2 years ago
The doll is wonderful, hinges are excellent, holds poses well, hair is thick, beautiful make-up is gentle. My daughter loves her very much.
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Posted 2 years ago
A very pretty little doll whose tail can be replaced with another item of clothing, although I haven’t bothered as yet. I just love these mini Maru dolls and look foreward to adding to my collection later this year.
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Posted 3 years ago
Poppy is a very sweet little Maru doll!Especially I like her rooted hair and I wished, the other little Marus would have also rooted hair than wigs. The vinyl is hard,not so soft like the other dolls,and although I prefer the softer vinyl,you can dress her easily,too.
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Posted 3 years ago