Dr Mercola Canine Hormonal Support and Whole Body Glandular Support for Male or Female dogs Reviews

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Dr Mercola is the founder of Mercola.com which is the most visited natural health website with over 1.5 million subscribers.
Dr Mercola is also a bestselling author and is passionate about natural health.
Dr Mercola is not only passionate about human health but is also pet health and has set up HealthyPets.Mercola.com in 2009 with Dr Karen Becker, a proactive and integrative wellness veterinarian.
Karen is passionate about feeding species-appropriate nutrition to pets as it is her belief that the right nutrition is the foundation for good health and a long life.
The Mercola team has developed a number of excellent pet products including supplements, grooming products and accessories for dogs and cats.
They are the very best quality supplements on the market which go through very stringent quality control measures.
They are not widely available in the UK, but we felt these products should be made available for you to buy.
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Healthful Pets are fantastic! Excellent customer service, staff are so helpful with excellent product knowledge, cheapest I could find on the internet, far superior to Amazon in terms of service, prompt delivery and customer care. I bought these items fearing my gsd has hyperestrogenism he seemed to really want to eat the glandular support product. I took him to the vets but he dismisses my dogs symptoms cos vets are obnoxious and don't know when an animal is dying in pain like its happened twice before. Vets want to pump your poor animal full of toxic allopathic drugs, behave like God's and charge you a fortune whilst insulting your intelligence.
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Posted 1 week ago
Hormonal support by mercola pets Really help my female dog .She tends to get emotional,very clingy and wines a lot during certain times of heat cycle and this product settles her hormones and she’s back to normal within days of these supplements being put in her food every day.She also has had sudo pregnancies and these products help her in this area too.Makes her calmer and happier. Excellent products. I give the hormone supplement along with the glandular supplement for female dogs.Combo works every time .
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Posted 4 months ago
Service was good, with fast delivery, and great communications regarding a query I had. It's a little early to establish whether my dog has benefited from these products, but hope to see positive results within a few weeks.
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Posted 7 months ago
Hi Freddie, thank you so much for this lovely review on our Dr Mercola Canine Hormonal Support and Whole Body Glandular Support duo. So pleased to hear you are happy with our customer service, communication and delivery. We hope you see a remarkable difference. Many thanks, Lauren.
Posted 7 months ago
This product has made an amazing difference to my 15 year old yorkie. She had pretty much all of the symptoms of hormonal imbalance. These have now completely disappeared. I would most definitely recommend.
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Posted 1 year ago
Thank you for leaving us this great review Marie. We are glad to hear that the Dr Mercola product has been so effective for helping your doggie. Regards, Stephanie
Posted 1 year ago
I have a rescue Lurcher and this product was recommended to me to help him be less aggressive towards other dogs, believed in part to be due to him being neutered too young. I'm not sure it has helped much with that behaviour but it has made hair grow on his body where he didn't have any! He was completely bald on his underbelly and chest (he was like that when we rescued him as a nine month old) but after 3-4 weeks of using this powder he was fluffy and soft all over, it's also much lighter in colour.
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Posted 1 year ago
Hi Amanda, thank you so much for your review. It is always interesting to hear how the products can help your dog! We are glad that it is having such a positive effect and hopefully it will begin to help with his behaviour too!
Kind regards, Stephanie
Posted 1 year ago
No idea if it’s working, though she does seem less stiff and seems to have lost some weight since being on it ( perhaps I should take it too !) Early days yet, but no upset tummy or any allergic reactions, and this dog reacts to joint supplements, fish oil, wheat based products
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Posted 1 year ago
Many thanks for leaving this review. And hopefully the products are hopefully working and good to hear that there is no upset tummy or reaction. Regards Kay
Posted 1 year ago