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Michael H
In general I think the product is very good, however I would have designed the TV Connector to have an internal rechargeable battery to make it portable without the need to have a power supply. I don't really understand why the Audeo B Direct can't connect and stream music from any Bluetooth device in the first place, therefor removing the need for a TV connector device.
Helpful Report
Posted 2 years ago
Hi Michael, as per the detail on the product description, the TV Connector is by design powered, it sits at the side of the TV all the time. If it had an internal battery you would have to charge it regularly, probably daily due to the size of the device. I think most people would prefer the convenience of 'always on' power rather than a daily charge hence the purposeful design. Actually, as its powered by a USB to micro USB cable you could simply power it via the USB port of your TV if you have that, I power a Chromecast on my TV that way. Audeo B Direct can't connect directly to other bluetooth devices in the way you suggest due to the limitations of bluetooth itself and the power drain on the hearing aids from casting that way. As a general rule you need either an intermediary device or to transmit via a different, more efficient wireless protocol. Regards, Paul
Posted 2 years ago