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Richard Soh
One of the best Vitamin D3 supplements available.
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We agree! The Together Health product is derived form all natural sources and has very high bioavailability so none of the vitamin D gets lost. Many thanks for sharing your experiences.
Colin Quinn
Using vitiman d tablets to supplement the immune system and working well regards Colin
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Many thanks for sharing your experience of using the Vitamin D supplement, we really appreciate it.
This item helped significantly with arthritis pain and swelling. I would definitely recommend this product.
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Thank you for taking the time to review the vitamin D3 supplement, we are really pleased that it has helped you and hope we can be of service to you in the future.
P L Hind Woodward
My wife and I have been taking the previous incarnation of "together Vitamin D" as our GP had suggested we would benefit from Vit D supplementation. However, the new version apparently contains coconut oil and my cardiology team have told me, because of my heart/cardio-vascular problems, that that is a substance to steer well clear off. Consequently: previous version - great; new version - undecided.
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Many thanks for your review and for pointing out the slight change in formulation. As we understand it the reason is to help stabilise the vitamin as it is entirely fat soluble and so 'keeps' better in the oil and is therefore more bio-available.

It is worth checking with your consultant if the small amounts contained in the supplement (250mg per daily dose of a capsule) is enough to affect your heart function.
P L Hind Woodward
I think this does me good - our GP told my wife and I we should be taking Vit D "because you of an age when you need it!"
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Many thanks for your review and comments. The Good Life Letter was originally written to offer advice and information about natural remedies which often gets overlooked by the mainstream medics, so it is good to hear that your doctor is also on the case too.