Wedderspoon Raw Manuka Honey - KFactor 16 (500g) Reviews

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Margaret Barmby
I would never be without this honey . It cures sore throats and eases coughs and colds . I am buying family members a jar for Christmas .
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The key to finding a good Manuka honey is to ensure that it is 100% pure, is as raw as possible and hasn't been subjected to heating which denatures the important proteins in it... thankfully this honey covers all of those bases and is one of the few available where the pollen content of the honey is tested to ensure it is pure Manuka.

Too often Manuka honey is sold at inflated prices but is just a mixture of some Manuka with other floral honeys and that will not have the same health benefits as this pure Manuka will.

We are really grateful for the time you have taken to write this review and for sharing your experiences with others.
Margret Smith
Author didn't leave any comments.
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Certainly a favourite in the office... mid morning toast and honey is always looked forward to!

Thank you for the 5 star review.
I bought this many times, so that says it all.
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It an office favourite too!

No toast run is complete without a jar of Wedderspoons honey in close attendance.

It is a raw and pure Manuka honey which means it is packed with all of the phytonutrients and natural compounds the body needs.

Many thanks for the review.
Margaret Barmby
Never without it . Helped greatgrandson get over the germs picked up from his first week in school .
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It is very good stuff and a medicine that most children have no issue taking... the best toast topping we know of!

Thank you for your kind review.
Michael Pope
Excellent ~ the best Manuka there is, so tasty ~ and it's good for you, win, win!
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The Manuka honey is very popular with the Good Life Letter staff too.. always a jar available for the morning toast run after we finish packing the overnight orders.
That's our incentive for getting the orders out quickly!
Richard Soh
Excellent raw Manuka honey. Very well priced.
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Many thanks for the review, we are glad you enjoy it... there is always a jar in our cupboard too!
Have ordered this several times - it's excellent and tastes great.
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Thanks for the review - Manuka honey really is one of our most favourite products, whether it is t spread on your morning toast or to use as a highly effective natural remedy for coughs, colds and even wounds.