Sanct Bernhard Pure Superba Krill Oil: Sustainably Sourced Reviews

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Albert Miles
only just received it so have not noticed any difference.
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Many thanks for your comments about the Krill Oil - please let us know how you feel after using the supplement for a few weeks, we would welcome your feedback.
Diana Andrews
Find them hard to take as so oily and fishy tasting.praps one has leaked in the pot but they taste awful and your hands smell.I guess they are doing good so will finish them up but not keen
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Please contact us now for a full refund - 01926 298221. We have received a batch of capsules that have shown some faults in a few packs, we have taken steps to replace these where we can, but are more than happy to refund you. Our apologies for this situation which was out of our control.
Sue Farrell
It appears to help keep me healthy.
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Thank you for the feedback about the Krill Oil which is one of our most popular natural supplements. Our version is sustainably sourced and produced to protect the active essential omega oils within it.
As this Krill Oil is sustainably sourced it is the main reason I chose to take this product.
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Many thanks for your feedback, we are pleased that you have found a krill oil that meets your needs. We try to ensure that all of our natural remedies and supplements meet the highest standards we can, and also offer value for money too.
Gillian Bingham
Author didn't leave any comments.
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Thank you for the kind review, we appreciate it.
Morag Craig
Author didn't leave any comments.
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Another 5 star rating, thank you Morag we appreciate it
Elaine Edwards
Very good value and works well for me. My mind is sharper and the joints don’t creak so much
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Many thanks Elaine. Krill oil has been one of our most recently featured natiral remedies and we are really pleased with all the positive comments we have been receiving. It took us a long time to find a supplier who adheres to the strict environmental practices we require to protect stocks and not damage the sea bed when the krill is harvested.