Celadrin Accelerator Balm 50g: Joint Pain Relief Reviews

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Anita Pitman
We have tried various pain relief creams but we always fall back on this! Have been re-ordering for several years - never want to run out! Long may the Good Life Shop continue - along with it's wonderful staff and customer service. Anita
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We are exremely pleased that the Celadrin has been of use to you, it is a very popular product and we have many people regularly using it to help with arthritic and muscle aches and pains.

Thank you so much for your kind words of support, we are a very small team and getting feedback such as your really helps motivate us.

Ray intends to keep writing the Good Life Letter for many years to come... not sure whether that is a threat or a promise though!
I find the Celadrin Accelerator Balm very soothing.
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We are very grateful that you have taken the time to share your experience of using the Celadrin Balm as it will help others choose the product that may help them too.
Stephen Hardy
Their Celdrin excelerator lotion is the best for my muscle tensions and back pains.
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Many thanks for sharing your experiences of using the Celadrin Balm, we are pleased that it is helping you.
I have been using Celadrin for a number of years, for back problems and muscle issues, and it has really helped, so that I don't need as many pain killers. I would much rather use a natural product which has no risks attached to it. Would recommend
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We are so pleased that the Celadrin balm has helped you, it is one of our most popular and widely reviewd products. Thank you for sharing your experience with it which will help others in the future.
Ann J Dixon
I use it for Arthritis in my fingers. I gave a jar to a friend who runs a cafe and is up and downstairs all day long. Her knees were very painful so she rubbe it on and had great relief.
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We are very pleased that you both found the Celadrin Accelerator Balm to be of such benefit. For many who suffer from joint and muscle pain there seems to be a feeling that you should just accept it and carry on as best that you can... but there is an option. Using a natural and safe balm like this can really make a difference as you have both found.

Thank you for sharing your experience.
Ann J Dixon
I have found that Celadrin Accelerator balm has given me great relief with arthritis in my hands. It has also helped with the pain in my elbow after breaking it 18 months ago.
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We are pleased that the Celadrin has helped with your arthritis and hope you continue to experience benefits.