OSB3 Conditioned Structural 18mm x 2440mm x 1220mm Reviews

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OSB3 is ideal for domestic uses such as furniture, garden sheds, as well as for boarding up windows, packaging, and pallet tops and sign boards.

Durable, versatile and strong.
Ideal for humid structural conditions.
perfect for sheds, pallet tops, display boards shelving.
Use for exterior walls, sub flooring roof decking.
Good for load bearing applications.

OSB3 (meaning Oriented Strand Board) is the classification of the exterior/structural type of OSB.
OSB3 board is a strong, versatile board suitable for structural use in humid conditions and in keeping with current construction methods of working towards healthier homes, all OSB3 panel products have been manufactured using zero added formaldehyde. OSB is made using layered flakes of wood which are compressed and bonded together with wax and resin adhesive.
Conditioned to perform in humid environments, OSB3 is the alternative to plywood and is suitable for both interior and exterior structural applications such as roofing, flooring, wall sheathing and hoarding etc.

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