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FloridaTix's customers rate them 4.82 / 5.

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"We were collected by a guy wearing a white (washed out grey ) shirt in a battered, marked up and rusted limo, he dropped us at the entrance to the grand Floridian - we then sat outside waiting for someone to come take us to breakfast for approx 20/30 mins ! When seated breakfast was ok just your usual hotel buffet, characters where Mary poppins, Alice in wonderland, Winnie the Pooh & mad hatter - they greeted us very briefly ! Kids where gutted no OBVIOUS Micky & Minnie & princesses - being 3 girls, but of all places to eat breakfast with characters Disney and they don’t send Micky & Minnie terrible if you ask me - nearly £300 to eat breakfast and we were treat in this way ... we would not recommend this unless you would like to see the less popular Disney characters ! Waste of our morning & money"
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Posted 9 months ago
"My son daughter in law and grandchildren and myself had a lovely morning. Limousine arrived on time. Breakfast was delicious and it was great making memories with characters."
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Posted 2 years ago
"had a wonderful experience limo was the icing on the cake as the children loved it the hotel where it was we were to have breakfast was stunning met by a gentleman that was very helpful and children were amazed at the charecters just great"
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Posted 2 years ago
"I bought tickets for the family with the expectation that we would be meeting the main Disney characters Mickey & Minnie, this was not the case, we met with Alice in Wonderland, Mad Hatter, Mary Poppins, Tigger and Winnie the Pooh - although this was initially a little disappointing we still had a lot of fun with the overall experience."
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Posted 3 years ago
"Stunning hotel, amazing limo service, gorgeous food and lovely characters. Worth every penny!"
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Posted 3 years ago
"This was a fab choice for character breakfasts. The look in my little girls face when the limousine turned up to take us to the grand Floridian it was magical. The breakfast was a buffet style with, loads different foods. The characters came round each table and done autographs and pics (my fave was the mad hatter) it was a fab morning and well recommended"
Helpful Report
Posted 3 years ago
"We had originally booked with Florida Tix for a dinner with Mickey Mouse for my childs birthday, he is Mickey Mouse MAD. However after paying our deposit. We were called by Florida Tix to be told the dinner was full however they could book us on the breakfast instead. This wasnt an issue. As long as it's Mickey Mouse, it was no issue. When the day arrived, we were told to drive to a random hotel which was about 20 minutes away, this wasnt an issue in itself, just more of an inconvinience. Upon arrivng at the hotel, a limosuine was in the carpark waiting. there was a man outside the limo, smoking a cigarette. As we walked over, with a 4 year old, who was celebrating his birthday, to my horror, the driver, did not put out his cigarette, instead he continued to smoke, reached for our printed booking, and held this whilst he had a cigarette in his hand. Professionalism clearly wasnt part of the job spec for FloridaTix. The driver informed us we were the only people in the limo today and he was finished for the day after he had dealt with us, he then proceeded to try and convince my brother to drive in his car behind the limo, so that he didnt have to drop us back at the hotel and we could go straight to Disney, to which i exclaimed we had paid for the limo with in the ticket cost so i wanted us to all go together, he tried again to convince my brother to drive, to which this started to creep me out. Once in the Limo, the driving wasnt an issue, untill the driver made a call on his mobile phone, with out handsfree and then drove one handed for the remainder of our journey. This in itself is disgraceful, especially when the driver was trying to, one handedly, come off a slip road and join another main road, whilst continuing on the phone. This immediately made me fear for our safety and immensely irriated me. I just wanted to get to the restaurant. When we arrived, we got out of the limo, to find the driver, walking off to greet a different limo driver and have a conversation. We just stood by the limo like absolute idiots. We had NO idea what was going on. A loud dishevelled lady walked over and greeted the guests who had arrived in the other limo, after about 4 minutes our limo driver, shouted to the dishevelled lady that we too were part of the party, to wish she called us over. As we were walking towards the entrance of the grand hotel, i heard a family behind me say they were under the impression they were dining with Mickey Mouse, however, had been informed we were dining with Mary Poppins, Winnie and Tigger and The mad Hatter. I immediately called the representative over to talk to her, i asked who we were dining with and she confirmed it was Mary Poppins etc. I exclaimed my upset on the phone, that my child was here to dine with Mickey Mouse as he loves Mickey, that we had booked onto a mickey mouse meal, not a Mary Poppins meal and that my child wouldnt even know who Mary Poppins was! The lady said that wasnt her issue, and was very blunt. Once in the building, our photo was taken and i again, spoke to the representative, requesting if she could try to book us on the right character meal. To which she said she couldnt do that. We entered the restaurant to find the characters we didnt want to see and a Mad Hatter shouting and screaming at the top of his lungs. I understand this is what the Mad Hatter does, but this wasnt what we had booked in for, it was so bad, it even made my four year old cry, which was heartbreaking as this had been booked for his birthday. I got the phone number of Florida Tix and rang to complain whilst at the restaurant, expecting some type of help, i was simply told there was nothing that could be done and i needed to simply write a complaint when i got back to the UK. Not very helpful when you have an upset child and you still have a weeks holiday left. I asked for a manager to ring me back as i was so unhappy. We left the restaurant with out eating or drinking anything. My son was devestated that Mickey Mouse wasnt there and i too was very upset. I asked the representative, if she could help us get back to the hotel to pick our car up to which she said no. we would have to get a cab. She exclaimed she had done all she could and had arranged for a surprise for my child for his birthday. To which i said she couldve done more, and her attitude quite literally stank. The staff at the hotel hailed a cab for us and we paid $22 out of our own money in cab fair back to the hotel to collect our car. During the cab ride the lady from Florida Tix rang back to say her manager had said the same thing and to simply write a complaint. I burst into tears and wanted to know how they could ruin a childs birthday yet do nothing to make it right. That THEY had originally changed our booking with Mickey Mouse and had FAILED to let us know that the breakfast THEY were changing us too, was with different characters. I got off the phone to her, to have my little boy in hysterics, saying his birthday had been ruined. My brother instantly looked online and found Blue Dolphin Tours, booked with them found them MASSIVELY helpful, they would pick us up from our villa etc, it was at Chef Mickeys. No problem. A manager from Florida Tix rang me back, she accepted the fault and apologised, however this was NOT enough at this point. She offered us a place at Chef Mickeys on the Saturday at 11am, however, to my horror, she couldnt just book us on, she had to refund our money for te breakfast we had just attended, for us to then book on the chef Mickeys and pay again, hoping that the money would be refunded onto the card in time. i was absolutely heart broken at the lck of regard and customer satisfaction. SO basically she would refund us, but it was then up to us, to attend the restaurant as there was no limo provided, which was what we had originally paid for and we could only attend the new booking, if the money was refunded onto the card in time, else we would have to use our own money to rebook and pay. We ended up not attending Chef Mickey through Florida Tix, we went through Blue Dolphin Tours who were amazing. In fact, they were so good, we attended with Blue Dolphin Tours twice. However, Florida Tix ruined our holiday for that day, and ruined my childs birthday celebrations. The customer service is disgusting, they are simply the worst company i have EVER booked with. They had no regard for the upset they had caused. And the female representative at the hotel quite simply didnt care at all. Her attitude was that she had tried her best, when in fact she didnt do anything. Perhaps being honest about character bookings and not taking peoples money for deposits when Character Dinners are full would be better. We ended up paying for a ca which wasnt even hailed by your representative. I am still disgusted by Florida Tix and will never EVER recommend or book with you again."
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Posted 4 years ago