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At Blessed CBD, we’re committed to the wellbeing of our customers. We’re a family-run business on a mission to provide UK consumers with the very best CBD oil products.

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To be honest, I wasn't too sure that CBD would work for me, but it absolutely does and I am both amazed and surprised. I feel calmer and my sleep has improved over the last few days. Overall I'm very happy with this. I'm using the 1000 m.g oil.
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Love it! Thanks for the review
I have been using CBD oils now for around 2 years having tried many different suppliers and products. I have found blessed to be the best on the market. Not only does it work for my sleep their customer service is fantastic should you need any assistance. Every order I have made has arrived in 1 day so a big thumbs up from me. highly recommend
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You've just made our day. Thanks for the review!
Took me 3 weeks before it started working for me. I guess the speed varies person to person. Does help with my severe knee pain. Thanks
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Thanks for the review! CBD works differently for everyone and there are various external factors that always come into play (such as your age, weight, lifestyle choices, etc). While CBD may work for others in as little as a few hours, it can take several weeks of continuous use before you start to notice the full benefits. Thank you again for your trust in our products and for consistently using it for 3 weeks - we're glad you're seeing some great results now!