1.75 Compression Driver 100w RMS 8ohm High Frequency HF Tweeter 112dB 44.4mm - BRC175 Reviews

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Freddy B
I bought two of theses units recently and can say I was very impressed with built quality and their crisp, bright and undistorted performance when I drove them with my system. Would highly recommend theses units, especially at the price!!! Excellent customer support.... Andrew was a great help in answering my queries regarding theses units
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Posted 4 months ago
Cris M
Serious bit of kit (extraordinary for the price) very high output (my main drivers struggle to keep up) This company should be very proud - excellent product and service Thank you Bishopsound
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Posted 6 months ago
Jamie C
Sounds great, much better than the factory one that came with the speaker.
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Posted 6 months ago
Hi Jamie - Thanks for the review! Remind me which make of speaker you put our Compression Driver in, was it Behringer?
Posted 6 months ago
Andrew A
Great product amazing service
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Posted 8 months ago
Vasilijs L
I checked the frequency response of the driver and was pleasantly surprised. For the money, this is a great driver.
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Posted 9 months ago