Avaris 2.3 Electric Assist Hybrid Road eBike 2021 Reviews

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Rosie C
I was a little sceptical at first with it being what looked like a new brand and the price seemed too good to be true against the competition. However, the positive reviews and returns policy made my mind up. I absolutely love the bike, I’ve gone so much further than I would have done previously without the worry of getting too tired and the return journey being a struggle. I would recommend getting an E bike, it makes the cycling experience so much more enjoyable. One thing to notice, when riding it looks like the battery is going down quicker than it is, but when you stop, the battery goes up again, so you actually have more battery life than you think, not a big problem just something to note when riding.
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Hi Rosie Cotton, Just to give you some more info on the battery indication, from one of our Avaris technicians. The battery bars display the amount of power left, according to the wattage/power being drawn at the exact time of the bicycle being ridden. For example, if for 1-2miles, you were riding very intensely up a hill in assistance mode 9, and you check the battery bars and see’s its only displaying 4 bars, it would be completely different if you were riding 1-2 miles on a flat road in assistance mode 4, you could look down and it potentially would show 5 bars. It (the bars on the display) will constantly fluctuate throughout the ride, according to the wattage being drawn at any given point. The display is basically saying to the rider; “if you ride at this constant speed in this assistance mode for the remainder of this journey, this is how much power you will have left”. I hope that answers your question? We're putting together an Avaris FAQ section which we're hoping can answer most customer queries on our bike. However, great to hear you are enjoying the bike! :-)
Cameron J
I was a little apprehension about purchasing an E bike online, without trying it first and with the price tag of £1800. However, Avaris answered all my queries before purchasing and gave me confidence to purchase. Once the bike arrived it was easy to put together following the assemble video and that was it, I was away. It’s been just over a month since I’ve been using the bike and I’ve done almost 200 miles on the bike and absolutely love it. Gives, me the confidence to go further than I would before and getting towards 60 now I think it’s going to be best way to keep fit going forward!
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Jamie B
I bought this E-bike after using my Quintano Roo for 5+ years. The Avaris bike is fantastic, enjoying having the extra assistance and the battery life is surprisingly long. It’s also light and does’nt look like an E bike at all, would highly recommend.
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Stephen H
The design of the Avaris looks great. The performance is also great for a very wide range of cycling options. If you want to ride longer and faster it will help you to keep up with your friends and extend the enjoyment while also reducing the pain of trying to keep up. If you want to ride gently if returning to cycling after a long break or recovering from injury the assist just makes everything so much easier. If you want a really good workout you can reduce the amount of assist usage right down to zero if you like. Then if you find you have overdone your efforts and still have some way to go to get home you can increase the assist which can really put a smile back on your face just when you need it. Having the ability to increase the assist towards the end of a tiring ride really does give you the confidence to take on much longer adventures than you would normally have considered. One tip I found is that changing the gears as often as you would on a regular bike works better and more power efficient, rather than asking the battery to do extra work because you are in the wrong gear going up hill. I also wanted to work out how far I could go on one battery charge using a low level of assist. I decided to ride with zero assist above 15kmph and introduce level 1 below 15kmph and level 2 if it was steep and when I dropped below 10kmph. Wow! it lasted 5 days and 280 kilometers on one charge, or 175 miles if you prefer. Because you can easily ride faster and longer while still enjoying the experience, it is surprising how quickly you're all round fitness and health also improves. All round great fun! All round great Bike!
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