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About SimplTax:

At SimplTax we provide a simple, super speedy Self-assessment Tax Return service. People who need to complete a self-assessment include; Landlords, Sole Traders, High Earners, Directors and CIS Sub-contractors.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our service and our highly competitive fixed fee pricing structure.

In addition to Self-assessment, we also provide a full suite of services for small Limited Companies such as Year End Accounts, Corporation Tax Returns, Cloud Accounting Software, Payroll and VAT Submissions.

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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
Haven’t submitted a VAT on my behalf for nearly 8 months and will not respond to emails. Service seems to have declined significantly over the past year and a half.
Posted 5 months ago
The people at simpletax returns are all very nice but the service isn't a patch on the Numberjuice guys who they took over from. I'm forever having to chase for information, even though i have said many times when my payroll is I get my payslip up to 2 weeks after.
I missed the email in June regarding end of year accounts to which I have just remembered and no one has chased me it's now August and they are due the end of the month. When i phone i often get passed round to different people. Feels like taking over Numberjuice they don't have enough staff for customers.
Posted 5 months ago
no response to follow ups
Posted 7 months ago
Hi Mansahib,

We are very sorry to hear that you had this experience with SimplTax.
We really strive to communicate with our clients frequently and keep them updated about their tax return.

We would really love to talk to you about this experience if you would like, so please don't hesitate to call us at 0330 111 7662.
We look forward to hearing from you.

All the best,
The SimplTax team
Posted 7 months ago
Filed a simple Self assessment tax return with an additional income from a LLP (partnership). Despite telling my advisor it would need to be recorded as income they were telling me it should be taxed as dividends. Again having told them this was certainly not the case they then finally agreed. .. secondly upon having filed (And paid) I then received a letter from HMRC telling me the national insurance calculation was wrong to the tune of ~£3000 overpayment... absolutely not ideal. Not offered a refund. Advisor was a nice guy and communicative but I should not be telling them how to do their job. Absolutely basic failings. Now £3000 worse off until I pay my next tax bill.. not as if I wanted that money to do something with it anyway..
Posted 1 year ago
I had to keep emailing to get updates I paid for a service that I did not receive as I felt like I done all the chasing for me to get updates on my tax return I did not feel satisfied with their services
Posted 1 year ago
Harassment per e mail to write a review
Posted 1 year ago
Hi Diccon,

I understand that Mark has just given you a quick call regarding the emails we have sent you asking you to write a review.

I can see that you already left us a great review before and we really appreciate your feedback.

We apologize for the repeated request for another review and we have contacted our admin team to prevent this from happening again. Our system should be set so that our clients do not receive more than 3 emails in total.

Thank you for your feedback once again.

Best wishes!

The SimplTax team
Posted 1 year ago
My original tax advisor Samuel left the company unexpectedly. So far as I can tell my case was not picked up by anyone else. I only found out when I chased Samuel via email and received a bounce back that the mail was undeliverable. Quite unnerving given the information we discussed. May I suggest that an out office is applied when someone leaves your company with further contact details so customers aren't left in the dark.

One of the emails Samuel had sent me had the details of another one of your clients at the bottom of the email trail. Pretty unacceptable.

As I had waited so long for my claim to be dealt with I was originally told the price had gone up by £50. I challenged this and it was bought back to my originally quoted price. I don't feel I should have had to challenge this to get the original price I was quoted.

My claim was handed over to Katie Templar who did her best to handle the claim as well as possible however my experience was already somewhat tainted at that point.

At no point has any attempt been made to offer any kind of goodwill gesture, such as a discount on the service or any other kind of recompense.
Posted 2 years ago
Quick and simple service, although communications with the tax advisor were somewhat sketchy and the first draft came back incorrect due to a miscalculation with my p11d.
Only resolved when i questioned the figures.

The concerning part of the process however was with payment - i received a link to make a payment £50 higher than the price agreed. When i questioned this, the advisor informed me via email midway through November that 'prices had gone up due to exceptional demand'! I checked the simpltax website, and guess what, the advertised prices hadnt changed. It felt like a very poorly executed attempt to get more money from me and that type of behaviour just isnt professional.
When challenged, he returned the invoice to the correct amount,but this left a really bad taste.

I wouldnt use them again.
Posted 2 years ago
Dear Mark,

Thank you for your time on the phone earlier today.

We are glad that your tax return was eventually resolved and we are sorry that on this occasion there was a misunderstanding with regards to the pricing.

We try to be as upfront and transparent with our pricing as possible and pride ourselves on the accuracy of our tax returns.

We wish you all the best for the future.
Posted 2 years ago
I was told I would win an appeal I sent in to which you charged me £40 for the appeal letter, I didn’t win the appeal so was £40 plus no appeal cash back! Also I was constantly having to call Simple Tax returns for an update of what was happening with the process.
Posted 3 years ago
Hi Jason, we are very sorry to hear that you had this experience with SimplTax. We really strive to communicate with our clients frequently and keep them updated about their tax return. We would really love to talk to you about this experience if you would like, so please don't hesitate to call us at 0330 111 7662. We look forward to hearing from you! All the best, the SimplTax team!
Posted 2 years ago
Posted 3 years ago
Hi Bijal,

Thanks for the feedback. We've now discussed this by phone and understand that the poor communication experienced was due to insufficient handover between a departing member of the team. Please accept my apologies for this and reassured that I have spoken to the team so that we can try our best to avoid this in the future.

Many thanks,
MD SimplTax
Posted 3 years ago
I was disappointed with the careless errors that occurred in my tax return this year, which required me to cross-check all the calculations and send several rounds of amends before it was correct.
Posted 3 years ago
Hi Louise,

Thanks for your feedback. We have now spoken on the phone and I am looking into the issues you experienced.

Many thanks,

MD SimplTax
Posted 3 years ago
Be better when I fetch been 5 weeks and told me jet would do 3
Posted 4 years ago
Hi Guy, thanks very much for your review. We are really appreciate your feedback and look forward to continuing to work with you in the future. SimplTax!
Posted 4 years ago
I have emailed recently to find out when im likely to receive my tax rebate.ive heard nothing.Also this is the second year in a row that ive used your company and have had a delay in getting my rebate.
I know its partly to do with HMRC.But I was assured I would receive it before the 3 weeks,I approved my rebate on the 17th may.
Considering the fees have increased im not that impressed so far.My accountant is Josh.
Please can someone update me as to what is going on and improve your service to me.


Mel Pope
Posted 4 years ago
Hi Mel, I know we've now discussed the delay and you've received your tax rebate. Once again I do apologise on behalf of the whole team that your tax rebate took longer than we'd hoped. Unfortunately once we file a return it is up-to HMRC to determine how long they take to make a repayment. We do everything we can to speed things up and to keep our customers informed. I'm sorry we didn't communicate with you frequently enough on this occasion. As always we are here to discuss on 0330 111 7662. James
Posted 4 years ago
Each year the bill for a tax return, which is a relatively simple process has increased by £50.00 or so. so from what was £50 is now three times that. as a result i will likely stop using simple tax returns for this service.
Posted 5 years ago
Hi Jonathan, thank you for your feedback and for taking the time to discuss it with me on the phone in more detail.

I am glad to hear that you were on the whole happy with the service you received.

Following your feedback I have reminded the team of the importance of highlighting to our clients where our prices have changed from a previous year.

We pride ourselves on quality of service but also on always remaining transparent and competitive on price.

Many thanks, and I look forward to speaking to you soon,

James Goldstein
MD, Simple Tax Returns
Posted 5 years ago
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