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About ScriptUp:

We provide a thoughtful, tailored script review service.

At ScriptUp, we work to help you bring out the best in your screenplay. Our script services give you industry-informed insights and unbiased feedback on your work, to help you take it to the next level. We offer creative guidance and advice to writers at any stage of their careers: from first-time screenwriters developing their skills to seasoned professionals submitting to literary agencies.


Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
My experience with ScriptUp was fantastic. From my initial inquiry when I reached out with questions, to the final half hour video call after my screenplay's report was complete - it was wonderful working with this team. I submitted my very first hour long pilot and received extremely helpful feedback that I can apply to future drafts, as well as other upcoming screenplay projects. The team is very friendly, knowledgeable, and it’s clear they love what they do. I will definitely be sending future scripts to this group for more helpful feedback.
Posted 2 weeks ago
A great service overall. Very glad I went for ScriptUp after tentatively submitting my first work. The feedback report was very professional and highlighted the strengths and weakness whilst offering useful suggestions. I really like the score breakdown at the end of the report. Will definitely be submitting my next project with them! Thanks, Gaz
Posted 1 month ago
Very comprehensive script coverage with an insightful, constructive and analytical review. Highly recommended if you want to move forward with your script!
Posted 1 month ago
If you want nice, professional people to provide feedback which makes you reconsider your value as a human being then this is for you. If you're not up for that, then you might want to reconsider what you're doing. Being a cynic of these services for years I'm so pleased I finally paid for this evaluation. I cannot recommend these guys enough. The crack of screenplay evaluations is here.
Posted 1 month ago
Very comprehensive service that reviews and advises on every aspect of the script. Follow-up phone call was a real bonus and made communication of certain aspects much more vivid. Would definitely recommend and will be using again on next draft.
Posted 1 month ago
My coverage review from ScriptUp was incredibly helpful, insightful, and comprehensive. Their feedback was positively constructive and solution oriented. After spending years developing and writing my screenplay, I feel it was in the hands of experts who truly care about guiding me to make it the best possible cinematic articulation of my story. I recommend ScriptUp for any writer who wants an evaluation from a clearly exceptional and devoted team of professionals.
Posted 1 month ago
The ScriptUp service was highly impressive. Their service provided personal contact with my reviewer, intellectual and insightful commentary on my piece and realistic, robust suggestions of ways to move forward with my work. I will certainly be returning to ScriptUp with future screenplays!
Posted 2 months ago
From submitting on a Monday to getting the full report back by Thursday, a day ahead of the 5 day turnaround - excellent. The report was detailed showing that the reader had gone through the script several times to understand its strengths and development areas. Great feedback on thoughts for improvement. This was echoed by the follow up video call on the Monday to talk through the script report. Will absolutely use the guys from ScriptUp again. Thank you!
Posted 2 months ago
Thank you Harry Nott and the whole Script up Team. I appreciate your service, not only you provide a honest and truthfully feedback. Your coverage was perfect and helped me see my script with different eyes. I don't think i will work with any other script consultant than Script up, you guys have earned my trust.

Thank you.
Posted 2 months ago
Very professional, great job in analysing the pros and cons of my work. Even advised me which direction to take. No buttering up, just what I needed to hear. Timely, too.
Posted 3 months ago
They were very fast to reply and the person who read it made some good comments about it. I believe it will help me to make my script even better.
Posted 3 months ago
Great service to get your script analyzed!
Posted 3 months ago
Can’t praise these guys enough. Brilliant service. The insights are first class and the follow on phone call a brilliant idea. Paolo Hewitt
Posted 4 months ago
I was impressed with the speed at which I received my script report. It was comprehensive and tailored to where I am in my writing career, and showed good insight into my intentions for the story. The comments have given me a lot of help in identifying what needs attention and where the strengths of the script lie, and have given me clarity regarding the route ahead.
Posted 4 months ago
As a new creative writer I didn’t know what to expect when I sent my first script. What I received back was a tremendously useful in-depth analysis that will allow me to plunge forward with great confidence. I am thrilled and grateful for the assistance I received.
Posted 4 months ago
The guys at ScriptUp are fantastic! For our pilot script, we received an in-depth write-up and excellent feedback that has pushed our project forward by leaps and bounds, and the video call the guys at ScriptUp offer is just the icing on the cake!

Can't wait to use their services again. 5 stars!
Posted 5 months ago
Having only one screenplay to my name and being new to the business, I knew I needed as much guidance as I could stomach. I had entered contests that provided feedback before, and while that feedback was helpful it simply cannot compare to the thoroughness, care, and insight offered by the line-by-line analysis provided by ScriptUp. With their help, I'm now better equipped to turn my script into something worth reading!
Posted 5 months ago
I was looking for late-draft feedback on a 225 page TV script. The recommendations in my coverage, but more importantly the way it was worded, helped me rewrite the script and add a whole new episode and lengthen other episodes so it is now 255 pages for 8 episodes. I feel the reader understood my script and his patience while explaining things on the call were invaluable. Thank you.
Posted 6 months ago
ScriptUp is lights out the best service if its kind, in my opinion, based on my experience with several other leading script analysis services and consistent with the level of professional coverage I received from Creative Artists Agency with an earlier script.

There's everything to love about the way ScriptUp does its work.

To begin with, instead of receiving feedback from some anonymous reader with a secret code name, the analysis from ScriptUp identifies its actual author, a real person, whose professional credentials are enumerated in the report cover. So someone is willing to put their good name on the critique, to own the opinion, which for me established immediate credibility and trust. I should also say that the reader's CV, the reader's own experience in filmmaking and entertainment, educational background, was quite impressive.

While my script received a generally favorable review, the reader also carefully noted where it could be improved, what might be done to strengthen the characters, where the structure might want to be revisited. The analysis and opinion wasn't a bunch of generalizations and useless opinions, wasn't a bunch of BS. The feedback and direction was very surgical, surgically precise, in identifying weak spots in the script and offering possible solutions. And where the script is working, the reader seemed to celebrate that right along with me -- you know, me, the preternaturally insecure writer. That kind encouragement has been like jet fuel for me because I believe it to be well considered and sincere. By the time I finished reading the report I wished I'd written the movie with the reader as a co-writer -- that's how constructive and intelligent the notes and thinking were.

ScriptUp also beat the timeline for delivering the report. It showed up two days early.

ScriptUp will be my go-to resource for writing analysis, actionable analysis, for as long as I keep writing, which Lord willing will be a long, long time.

Whether you've written a true masterpiece or something that needs a lot of help, you will only be delighted by this team.

And yes, I am a real person, a real writer, who just met these folks for the first time in the summer of 2020.

Charles Furlong
Posted 7 months ago
Having spent years ordering scores of coverage packages from both providers prestigious and small, SCRIPT UP was a revelation. No lengthy synopses filling half the report, no skimming readers who get character names and plot points wrong; but instead, detailed, thorough, intelligent, nuanced 12 page reports which are designed to help the writer improve rather than make the reader sound intelligent. SCRIPT UP is heads and shoulders above the rest and I emphatically recommend them if you are serious about improving your work.
Posted 8 months ago
ScriptUp is rated 4.92 based on 49 reviews