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About ScriptUp:

We provide a thoughtful, tailored script review service.

At ScriptUp, we work to help you bring out the best in your screenplay. Our script services give you industry-informed insights and unbiased feedback on your work, to help you take it to the next level. We offer creative guidance and advice to writers at any stage of their careers: from first-time screenwriters developing their skills to seasoned professionals submitting to literary agencies.


Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
ScriptUp is lights out the best service if its kind, in my opinion, based on my experience with several other leading script analysis services and consistent with the level of professional coverage I received from Creative Artists Agency with an earlier script.

There's everything to love about the way ScriptUp does its work.

To begin with, instead of receiving feedback from some anonymous reader with a secret code name, the analysis from ScriptUp identifies its actual author, a real person, whose professional credentials are enumerated in the report cover. So someone is willing to put their good name on the critique, to own the opinion, which for me established immediate credibility and trust. I should also say that the reader's CV, the reader's own experience in filmmaking and entertainment, educational background, was quite impressive.

While my script received a generally favorable review, the reader also carefully noted where it could be improved, what might be done to strengthen the characters, where the structure might want to be revisited. The analysis and opinion wasn't a bunch of generalizations and useless opinions, wasn't a bunch of BS. The feedback and direction was very surgical, surgically precise, in identifying weak spots in the script and offering possible solutions. And where the script is working, the reader seemed to celebrate that right along with me -- you know, me, the preternaturally insecure writer. That kind encouragement has been like jet fuel for me because I believe it to be well considered and sincere. By the time I finished reading the report I wished I'd written the movie with the reader as a co-writer -- that's how constructive and intelligent the notes and thinking were.

ScriptUp also beat the timeline for delivering the report. It showed up two days early.

ScriptUp will be my go-to resource for writing analysis, actionable analysis, for as long as I keep writing, which Lord willing will be a long, long time.

Whether you've written a true masterpiece or something that needs a lot of help, you will only be delighted by this team.

And yes, I am a real person, a real writer, who just met these folks for the first time in the summer of 2020.

Charles Furlong
Posted 1 month ago
Having spent years ordering scores of coverage packages from both providers prestigious and small, SCRIPT UP was a revelation. No lengthy synopses filling half the report, no skimming readers who get character names and plot points wrong; but instead, detailed, thorough, intelligent, nuanced 12 page reports which are designed to help the writer improve rather than make the reader sound intelligent. SCRIPT UP is heads and shoulders above the rest and I emphatically recommend them if you are serious about improving your work.
Posted 1 month ago
Our company has worked several script coverage companies in the past. First time, we did use ScriptUp for a coverage. The company and the staff are very professional. We have received a good coverage with good feedbacks and suggestions. We look forward to work with ScriptUp for the new projects we are developing.
Posted 2 months ago
So grateful for Felix at ScriptUp! I’ve worked with him twice now. Both times I felt that I had his undivided attention, his desire to help me to get my script in the best shape possible, and his talent. I was challenged to think about essential elements of the script that I had not even noticed were missing. Thank you Felix. Looking forward to working with you again soon!
Posted 2 months ago
ScriptUp, Felix von Stumm in particular, is fantastic! If you are looking for in-depth analysis, intricate notes and suggestions, all delivered in a very timely manner, look no further. ScriptUp should be in the phone directory of every Writer and Producer. The company is an essential part of the professional craft of screenplay writing.
Posted 2 months ago
I bought the first-look impressions report for my comedy pilot. £39. Best investment I ever made. The report was insightful and quickly delivered. My gut tells me if I'm going to have a career in this crazy business, ScriptUp will be the ones to blame!
Posted 2 months ago
I have paid for a number of screenwriting services I over the years and this was by far the best service I have ever used. The feedback was detailed and clear. I also felt like they actually cared and didn’t just give me Generic feedback. This will be the only service I will be using going forward!
Posted 3 months ago
Thank you Sebastian and Felix for your perceptive feedback on my script. I have been impressed with your insights in both my writing and story. I would highly recommend using your service because you have definitely fulfilled everything promised in your website: answering queries, coverage delivered on time and really empowering video call. I have found the whole experience very encouraging, thank you.
Posted 3 months ago
Having used ScriptUp's short film services twice, I have seen a massive improvement in my screenplay! The presentation of the report is the best I've seen compared to other 'script reader' services. They offer a cheap, in-depth analysis of the screenplay and focus on key factors like; a premise, structure, characterisation, dialogue, all important aspects for us screenwriters. All that, bundled with their extremely fast turnaround, makes this service 5 stars. They helped me turn my screenplay around and I am forever grateful for their analysis.
Posted 3 months ago
Great service for which I’m very grateful. Sebastian offered detailed feedback which was all useful and will definitely improve my Short. Now the hard part of actually making it!

Look forward to working with Script Up again soon.
Posted 4 months ago
Good detail. Useful points and questions on character and story which made me think and reassess aspects of the script
Posted 4 months ago
ScriptUp gives a great professional breakdown of your script, they are both supportive and complimentary, whilst getting into the issues of what isn't working and needs improvement. It's a balanced service that has both improved scripts and helped them move toward production.
Posted 4 months ago
Very supportive, very positive.
Posted 4 months ago
I feel very grateful for Felix's enthusiasm and energy! He offered me a lot of valuable suggestions to improve my script, but always trying to stay true to what I'm really aming for (as an ahutor) with the story and with the characters. I would no doubt to ask for his advice again!
Posted 4 months ago
I received one-to-one feedback on one of my TV pilot where we discussed the premises of the TV show and went through the first ten pages in detail. The whole session was interactive and we bounced ideas with each other throughout. I found the session encouraging, constructive and extremely helpful. Highly recommended.
Posted 4 months ago
I got the coverage when they promised and the review was well written. Nice job. I will highly recommend you!
Posted 5 months ago
Sebastian and Felix have been a real pleasure to work with.

I submitted my screenplay for review and immediately received confirmation and a schedule for the reading and the follow up report.

A few days later I was reading through a wonderfully rich critique of my work that covered everything from my story's premise and structure to characterisation, setting and overall marketability.

I opted for the ScriptUp Classic package that gave me an 11 page report that has since proved to be a valuable foundation for a host of edits.

Sebastian then followed up a couple of days later with a video call to allow me to discuss my story and his feedback in more detail.

This isn't just a reading service. Sebastian has been thorough in his approach to reviewing my work and clearly has rich experience in dealing with all aspects of film production. With his guidance I have been able to plan, not only my script and its structure, but also what I might do with it once it is complete.
Posted 6 months ago
Fast, reliable and economical compared to other professionals. The reader gave me tips on improving my script and suggestions for delving deep into my characters. Recommended.
Posted 7 months ago
ScriptUp stayed true to their word of a 5 day turn around time and the notes they provided were solid. The critique I received was fair, on point, and cathartic. It’s hard to take criticism about your writing when you’ve worked tirelessly on something, but if you have thick skin and can take good and honest feedback, and then apply it, then this is the place for you.
Posted 7 months ago
Great Service and in depth feedback! Very helpful and informative.
I'll definitely recommend to my colleagues!
We'll be back again!
Thank you!
Posted 8 months ago
ScriptUp is rated 4.87 based on 31 reviews