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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
The markets have been crazy since Coronovirus with some of the biggest moves I have ever seen but I was pleasantly surprised at how the Chimera system didn't take excessive risk. In March and April I made almost 3% whereas a different algo I use (not Quant Savvys) has made a number of huge losing trades recently. Customer service is excellent and I really appreciate Mike and Rene's emails during these difficult times.
I was referred by a friend to Quant Savvy to me and I'm so glad that he did. The systems are performing well during this crash and actually made a profit last month. I am not that familiar with futures trading but I was expecting positions being held overnight which would have been a disaster when the market went limit down multiple times. Most investors were probably apprehensive during this period as was I so I was very pleased to see that we were in cash at the end of each day. I also expected lots of trades but we are getting about 1 per day which also limits the market exposure. Great customer service and very responsive which is important for me. I look forward to seeing my investment grow in future months.
QS is one of my best investment choices to date. Not only have they substantially increased my initial investment to nearly double in under a year, but their team has been a pleasure to work with. Special thanks to Rene, who has been quite patient in helping keep things on track from the start. -scl
I've only been a client for a short time, but thus far I'm pleased with performance.
Great customer service which is very important in an financial trading activities ! Quant is working great so far. Though you might see some draw downs and no trading activities for some days but Quant is doing the job ultimately ! I like this emotionless trade very much and would recommend to test this out to see the results. Appreciate their continuous efforts on strategy improvement. Also thanks for keeping the members updated with communications.... So far it's great.....
Since 9 months I'm trading your systems as a client. What I like is, that you take care of all the daily stuff, i.e. maintaining the server and the systems, monitoring the systems, rolling the contracts. This service is really valuable because it removes the daily emotions from me. Furthermore, I like that you offer a bunch of systems which increases the probability of a positive outcome in real trading. An additional great feature is the ongoing improvement of your systems that you roll out at your clients without any hassle for the clients. The performance: You aim roughly 20,000 USD each year, some years better, some worse. After roughly 9 months of trading your systems and nearly 150 trades, I see, that the performance is in line with the predicted range. I'm up 10,000 USD trading one contract. As a fortune, I started with two big winners. Therefore I was never underwater, which is emotional great. In summary, the statements on the website are correct. I' looking forward to an ongoing prospering business relationship with Quant Savvy. Bernd
Having started in October last year, I have to say I'm very happy with the performance of these systems so far. I started with a $30k account and this has steadily built over the last 8 months, I'm looking at nearly a 67% gain. I have only experienced very little drawdown in 1 or 2 months, nothing that makes me feel uncomfortable. So far so good, thanks to Mike and his team!
Started trading the algos in March with an average start, performance and returns have increased since April. Hoping this continues. Team are always on hand to answer all my questions
Team are very responsive, algos are performing well. Great service received so far.
I'm happy that I went ahead with quant savvy. I'm very impressed with their system and with the company. Michael (the CEO) took time out to call me and talk through my queries. My account has been performing well since I started (I'm currently up 28%). Would recommend to anyone interested in trading algorithms
My account went active a week ago and I'm up 5% already. I'm sure there will be ups and downs...that's the world of trading but I'm confident I will have a profitable investment. Quant savvy has been really responsive to my numerous questions, calls and sending results whenever I ask. The fact they only make money if I make money shows they must be confident in their product. I look forward to a long-term profitable relationship with these guys.
Having just started with Quant Savvy, I must say I was very skeptical at first looking at the results and almost didn't put any money in because it sounds too good to be true. The team shared live brokerage statements which reassured me so I bit the bullet and funded my account. I'm glad I did, the system performed great in the first quarter and average last month. I'd expect there may be some losing months to come but as long as I'm in the green overall I'm happy. The results speak for themselves and the service from Quant Savvy has been superb.
My experience with Quant Savvy has been all positive. I began trading using their software in Jan 2017, this was after doing my due diligence months prior. I had several conversations with the team and liked how they didn't chase me for a hard sell. They gave me a live demo to show how it all works which was extremely helpful. There was plenty of data available for me to look over and make my decision on whether this was right for me. I opted to utilise the software on a private server which I have full control over and use TradeStation as my broker. It's easy to use and monitor the performance of which I'm very pleased with as my account is up by 28%, it would have been more but I altered my position sizing at the wrong times! There was some drawdown a month here and there but overall my capital has been protected. For day traders like me, I would say an important lesson is to know how to manage your level of risk. But so far I'm happy with the algos and the service I receive from Quant Savvy.
I started with the Chimera bot at the beginning of the year, Jan and Feb made decent returns, March was pretty much break even. Too early to tell and give a detailed review so will provide update later when I have had a better chance to see this system in action. Quant Savvy team have been really helpful.
My experience with quant savvy has been very positive. Their algorithms have performed better than I expected. My both accounts are up. Mike is very responsive and honest about what you can expect to achieve.
The systems have had decent performance during the volatile market, look forward to similar results going forward
Customer service is excellent, Michael and the team were very responsive to my queries. Happy with the chimera bot, performance in Jan/Feb was very good, looking forward to long term relationship
The Chimera portfolio has started well. Pleased with service.
Michael gives excellent service.
Excellent results so far and looking forward to a long association with QS. I like the fact that there is no OVER trading. Great support from Michael has made it easy for setting up.
Quant Savvy is rated 4.68 based on 34 reviews