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198 Tanworth LaneShirley

Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
The online consultation before hand gave me confidence in which procedure to have done and answered all the questions I had in an honest way making me choose FUE clinics for the procedure. On the day I was made to feel very comfortable by the whole team. The process was comfortable with almost no pain. Just a little when the anaesthetic was injected. I actually relaxed though the day and it was an escape from the lockdown home schooling! Thank you to all of the staff for making the experience a positive one! Now just await the results 😊
Posted 5 days ago
A fantastic, first class experience. From the consultation, to the pre-op instructions, to the day, the surgery and the aftercare everything was seamless, professional and with the comfort of the customer at the forefront.

I would (and will) recommend FUE Clinics to anyone considering hair treatment, the people are what really make the experience so good.
Posted 1 week ago
The staff were all very nice, which made me very comfortable and alot less nervous, the whole treatment was very pleasent.
Posted 1 week ago
Very happy with the service I received. The whole team are exceptional. I was made to feel at ease from the first discussion and throughout the whole process. The aftercare service is fantastic, Jeremy was always on hand if I had any questions or concerns.
I would definitely recommend going with FUE clinics. Excellent results.

Posted 1 week ago
Every single person at the clinic treated me so bloody well, and made me feel very comfortable and welcome. As soon as I walked in, I was made to feel at ease.

I'll be honest, I found the procedure to be a doddle. Minimal discomfort and pain, provided plenty of water and juice whenever I needed a drink, and the lunch was great. They made sure I was comfortable throughout and ensured that mini breaks for food, drink and using the toilet were there. All I had to do was ask. The care they give to a patient cannot be topped. Terrific stuff!

As far as I am concerned, no one in that clinic can do anything wrong. Lydia, Lindsey, Leigh to name a few, and Arran via email and phone, they were all and are genuinely lovely and wonderful people to be around and to talk to. Big shout out to Dr Tetiana Mamontova for being an absolute sweetheart.

I recommend FUE Clinics Solihull to everyone and anyone wholeheartedly and I cannot thank the team enough for their incredible work and the way they treated me. I owe you all big time.
Posted 1 month ago
Incredible team of down to earth professionals. What I had in my head did not reflect reality, I expected lots of pain but felt next to nothing throughout the whole day the hardest part is staying still. The first half of the day was to harvest hair from the back and sides and the last half was adding them to the front while I watched Vikings on Amazon. If you are thinking about going ahead but worried about pain (injections) I can honestly say it does not hurt in anyway and they have such a relaxing technique when applying the injections to numb the areas. I’m happy I went ahead with FUE clinics it’s something I have been thinking about for around 3/4 years and wish I had done it from the start. Be prepared for a long long day, and ensure you have time off work afterwards to relax and heal.

Thank you to all the FUE staff you put me at ease straight away.

Big thank you to Dr. S Stangoni for being an absolute legend throughout the procedure.

Liam (aka: The guy that smells of Tom Ford)
Posted 2 months ago
Great service, very friendly and helpful staff. I was very well looked after by the team. Communication was great and very pleased with the early results
Posted 5 months ago
It’s been 7 months since I had my hair transplant and I’m absolutely over the moon with the results so far!
If you’re thinking about doing it, go for it.
I was lacking confidence but was worried about having it done, I did a lot of research for years but did nothing about it until I found FUE clinics and spoke to Arran Isherwood. Arran was very honest with me and made feel at ease and as soon we met and got talking, I knew this was the place to have it done. It did still take me a while to book as was thinking probably what you guys are thinking now, what if? I’m worried? Well don’t, go for it. The best decision I ever made.

I’m so happy now feel brilliant, I used to worry about going swimming and all the little things that you loose confidence with when going bald, get it done,get your confidence back and live life.
Thanks guys
Posted 7 months ago
Excellent treatment during my procedure, responded to all of my questions and surgeons/technicians made me comfortable throughout. Let’s see how it turns out over the next 12 months.
Posted 7 months ago
A hair transplant was something I’d thought about for years, but due to a combination of potentially high cost, lack of accessibility, and a bit of living in denial, I’d always put off looking seriously. However, once I got to the point of either having to shave off what was left or doing something about it, I decided to have a look at my options.

I looked at the much cheaper option of going to Turkey, but after looking at a lot of online reviews ruled this out due to a lot of shady practices and poor aftercare. Next, I looked at UK options, and after doing a lot of research online I settled on FUE Clinics.

The day itself wasn’t as bad as I expected; from start to finish I felt like the only priority any of the staff had, and I thought their care and professionalism was first class. My procedure was with Tetiana who I thought was brilliant, she was naturally likeable, very friendly, and looking at the results so far, very good at what she does. I must say I though the other staff were very good as well, they were all very friendly and professional and I never felt uncomfortable. The entire day was just so professionally handled. Long day to be sure, but made much easier by the staff (and Netflix!).
The 2 weeks after the procedure are a bit more difficult. There’s been a few bad nights sleep due to having to be careful how you lie, the itchiness from the donor area is pretty annoying, the scabbing on the transplanted is a bit unsightly for 10 days or so, and no physical exertion was difficult for me as a normally very active person. Also, it’s better to shave the hair off prior to the procedure or let the surgeon do it as the new hair grows through at a different length. Tetiana did advise me of this at the time, should have listened, I’ve had to shave it 3 weeks later anyway to stop it all being different lengths from my existing hair.

As far as aftercare goes, I’ve been in contact with Jeremy each day since as he checks in on progress.

So all in all, it’s something I wish I’d done earlier. And it really wasn’t anywhere near as expensive as some places charge, and I can’t imagine any where else giving this kind of service either. Top notch and highly recommended.
Posted 8 months ago
Was sold a dream of life changing results, I got improvement for sure but nowhere near what I'd hoped for.

I had the procedure in November 2018, I decided to leave giving a review until now so that I could have a complete picture of the final result and care/aftercare offered by FUE Clinics

I was persuaded by Jeremy at our initial consultation to go for the FUT procedure instead of the FUE as I'd get a better harvest and that the scar would be almost invisible. Jeremy was very professional and put me at ease, I accepted his expertise and booked in for the procedure.

The day of the procedure was as expected, the team at FUE were all first class, it was a long day but I was prepared for it so it wasn't an issue, there was plenty of entertainment on the TV and lunch was provided which was fine.

Following the procedure, which I was told went well, I was talked through caring for the area treated and given an A4 sheet with aftercare procedures and some saline spray for my scalp.

Weeks went by and things seemed to be going along as expected, I was a little surprised not to have had any communication with anyone from FUE clinics, this was the case until March after the procedure when I contacted Jeremy for advice as my scalp was still numb, I was told this was normal and that normal feeling would return. Great!!!!

I was expecting a follow up appointment a year after the procedure, this wasn't automatically arranged and I chased Jeremy for an appointment as I wasn't convinced things were going as it should. We arranged a meeting in Bristol (3 hour round trip). At the meeting Jeremy examined the hair and told me he was happy with the result. There was improvement I will not deny that but not the improvement I was led to believe I'd get. I was told by Jeremy that I should have managed my expectations, slightly disappointing seeing as I'd invested tidy sum of money. I was offered a £1000 discount off a further procedure what he called a re-work, I haven't taken up the offer as of yet.

At time of writing this review 12/04/2020 my scalp is still numb and I have sensitivity at the scar sight and still not the result of hair growth I'd hoped for and was told to expect. I recently got married and see the funny side of my best man's speech, where he took great pleasure in showing pictures on a large screen of my failed visit to the Belgravia Centre!! Haha!!

In summary.

Professional website
Initial consultation very good
Surgical team excellent
Venue good
Price good if advised results were achieved.


Advised results not achieved
Almost zero aftercare
Poor communication after procedure
Poor dispute resolution
Posted 8 months ago
Hi everyone,

I just want to take a minute to share my experience with you. I opted for an FUT treatment which I undertook on the 1st Feb 2020. We’re now fast approaching 2 months since the surgery and I have already begun to see hairs coming through.

The hardest part of the whole process was deciding to actually act! Going to a consultation in Nov 2019, understanding what they could do; the options I had available and the stark realisation that it’s not financially crippling left me elated!

This is actually possible....

After taking a bit more time to think things over and do as much research as I could, I decided to go with FUE Clinics. Their informative and relaxed approach really put me at ease and this approach has continued well into post op.

The procedure itself is long and tiring so prepare yourself! I had a fair old gap to fill, so I was there for the full 8 hours (thank god for Netflix). Dr Nikos and the technicians were fantastic all day. The quality of care never dropped and I was clearly their number one priority. I was taken through the steps at each stage and at no point did I feel in the dark.

My girlfriend was with me and was really looked after as well. She was supplied with endless cups of tea and updated on my surgery at each step. They cooked both of us a nice lunch at break time.

After a very long day and a 4 hour drive back home (disclaimer: i was not driving) the results of the procedure were beginning to come through.. I had a lot of swelling on my forehead and face, it was difficult to sleep initially and it was generally quite painful.. (all perfectly normal and to be expected). The post op care sheet and ability to stay in contact each day with our consultant (Jeremy) was a big help and he was fantastic at each step in the process!

I would recommend taking a couple of weeks off work after the procedure especially if you are considering the FUT treatment..

As I said at the start, hairs are showing through (after having a large proportion fall out - again perfectly normal) and it’s now just a matter of being patient and enjoying the results.

For those of you thinking of doing this, just go to the consultation and see what options you have.. it’s the hardest part of the whole process!

Thank you FUE Clinics for a truly positive, caring and understanding experience. This will make a huge difference and I couldn’t be happier.

Posted 9 months ago
Amazing results!!! My crown was completely bald before my Fue transplant in May 2019. Now 9 month's on and I have a full head of hair!!! And it's still growing!!!
Fue Clinics were brilliant!! I'm so glad I made the move and did it!! It's changed my life!! All the team were amazing!! 100%
Posted 10 months ago
My experience with FUE clinics was superb. From the initial consultation with Jeremy, who was professional and informative. To the procedure itself, carried out by Dr Steve and his assistant nurses. On the day of the procedure I was made to feel at ease by Dr Steve and his team who were very courteous and extremely professional. During the day you are well catered for and the environment is completely relaxed and stress free. I chose FUE clinics after doing research on many others and quite frankly I had my expectations exceeded. I can see why this clinic is held in high regard as apposed to many other clinics out there. Absolute fantastic service from start to finish. I would definitely recommend this clinic to anyone who is thinking of any possible treatment in the future.
Posted 11 months ago
From the initial consultation to my hair transplant and beyond I've found my FUE experience a very positive one, right across the board.
Posted 11 months ago
After thinking about a hair transplant for a long time I decided to look online at the company's that were available and came across Fue Clinics. After watching the testimonials and reading all the great reviews I decided to contact the company were I had a meeting with Jeremy in Newcastle. He was very friendly and informative and answered any questions that I had, no sales pitch or pressure at all!. After the meeting I decided to go ahead and made an appointment. I had a Fut procedure done in Birmingham a few days ago. I was really nervous about the day but there was no need to be, when I got there I sat down with Jeremy and was introduced to Dr Anne Kremer and her team who went through everything that was going to happen on the day. I was quickly made at ease and was really looked after. This is a first class genuine company who take pride in the way they look after their patients, so they only perform one procedure a day. Dr Anne Kremer was brilliant, so informative and caring her team for the day of Lydia, Louise, Kate and Emma were lovely aswell, they explained everything they were doing with attention to detail I could see they took a lot of pride in their work!
If you are seriously looking to have a hair transplant I would strongly recommend Fue Clinics please watch all the testimonials, listening to those and seeing them look so happy gave me the push to get it done and I'm so glad I did! Can't wait for the results in a few months!
Posted 1 year ago
It has now been a couple of months since I had my hair transplant at FUE Clinics. To say i was nervous on the day is an understatement but there was absolutely no need, the moment i stepped foot into the clinic i was put at ease and they always made sure i was comfortable. Dr.Kremer was first class and so was the team on the day, the procedure was painless and I just watched Netflix all day and was provided with chocolates and a lovely lunch. You are given full pot op instructions at the end of the day and so far they have been really helpful with my aftercare questions. If you are thinking about a hair transplant, go here, you will not regret it.
Posted 1 year ago
From meeting Arran at the initial consultation, I knew that FUE Clinics was definitely the right choice for my transplant. The procedure was fully explained and the facilities were spotless. Customer care was also second to none and to see all of this beforehand, was very important to me and confirmed my decision.

I was contacted a couple of weeks before the day to ensure all pre-procedure details were understood, I could and did make contact with any questions at any time. Really helped to put my mind at rest!

The day of the procedure came around quickly and I was nervous, but all the staff were very friendly and helped ease my nerves. Turns out I needn’t have worried as the whole day was a breeze... watched Netflix, drank tea and ate chocolate and biscuits.. all while having people around me! Dr Kramer was fantastic and very professional, as were all the staff.

After care was also spot on and Arran has contacted me frequently ensuring everything is ok and to address any questions I may have.

If considering a hair transplant, definitely go to see FUE, I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

Thank you FUE team!
Posted 1 year ago
I had a hair transplant with FUE Clinics in July 2018 and the service provided was incredible. The surgery itself was extremely calm and the procedure went smoothly with no pain whatsoever. The staff were very comforting throughout and were great support which made the process so much easier for me. The post op care was really helpful to help with the recovery stage with a special thanks to Arran who was with me every step of the way. Would recommend it to anyone who is thinking of doing the same and would stress that FUE Clinics are immense in their services and customer care.
Posted 1 year ago
My time at FUE was a very positive experience.

The team we’re very welcoming and all committed to making me feel comfortable. I was kept up to date and well informed every step of the way, any questions I had were always answered in full.

I went for the procedure and was discharged and briefed on aftercare the same day.

I couldn’t thank the entire team more!
Posted 1 year ago
FUE Clinics is rated 4.97 based on 224 reviews