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Wild Nutrition started with one family. Charlie and Henrietta Norton wanted the very best support for their own health and that of their children as well as Henrietta’s patients. They couldn’t find it anywhere and so decided to create it themselves. Wild Nutrition is a unique Food-Grown® supplement brand providing bespoke formulations for all age stages of life. Today, they offer over 40 products within 6 ranges and are stocked throughout the UK and Scandinavia.

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I have been taking this for nearly a week now and I am noticing some improvements already. I am finding my skin is a lot better and I feel more alert during the day
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Period just as bad. Did not notice any improvement in regularity. Gutted as have spent so much money on this company and have not had the service in return.
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Took with the Endo Complex as advised following a call with the company. 6 weeks later I went from feeling my normal self with a slightly longer cycle which had been regular for 4 month (achieved from diet / lifestyle changes and help of the Total Cleanse) to having no cycle, constipation, exhaustion, anxiety, feeling cold and bad PMS. Sadly would not recommend. I would say I have a healthy diet, however, I am sensitive to stress / androgen levels. Would not have expected this reaction when having discussed the product with the company and had it specifically recommended given my previous symptoms of longer cycles, IBS and excess hair growth / androgens.
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