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Wild Nutrition started with one family. Charlie and Henrietta Norton wanted the very best support for their own health and that of their children as well as Henrietta’s patients. They couldn’t find it anywhere and so decided to create it themselves. Wild Nutrition is a unique Food-Grown® supplement brand providing bespoke formulations for all age stages of life. Today, they offer over 40 products within 6 ranges and are stocked throughout the UK and Scandinavia.

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Food Grown Pregnancy - I started taking these prior to trying for a baby so that I was getting Folic Acid early on. I think these have definitely helped keep me & the baby healthy. I also think that they've helped with morning sickness a little. 6 months into my pregnancy I'm still taking them just to keep topping up my vitamin levels as the baby grows.
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We are so pleased to hear that our Pregnancy Complex has been able to support you and your baby through your pregnancy. With Warmest Wishes, The Wild Team
I used the Wild Nutrition Food Grown Pregnancy supplement throughout my pregnancy and after and definitely felt the benefits. Beforehand I was using some supplements advised by my GP, but later found out they were synthetic, so I was very happy to switch to these and I did actually notice a difference in how I felt regarding pregnancy nausea.
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Good vitamin, used for both of my pregnancies, not reflux inducing, especially if taken with food. Would recommend.
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We are so pleased our Pregnancy Complex has supported you through your Pregnancies. With Warmest Wishes, The Wild Team
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Morning sickness and tiredness has really eased off. Great product.
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That is lovely to hear! With Warmth, The Wild Team
This product is fantastic. I started taking it as soon as I found out I was pregnant after doing some research. This is my first pregnancy and although I haven't got anything else to go by, I really do feel these products have made a huge positive impact in how I have felt throughout it so far. I wouldn't be without them now in my pregnancy and have been waiting to do a review and have been recommending them to a couple of friends too. Thank you so much! I am also taking the omega oil which is also brilliant!
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Hello Lucy, We are so pleased to hear that our Pregnancy Complex and the Pure Strength Omega 3 are supporting you throughout your pregnancy. Thank you so much for sharing! With Warmth, The Wild Team
I’ve been using this since 4 months before trying for a baby and continued to use it throughout my pregnancy. The approach to pregnancy supplements was exactly what I was looking for - including the right type of folate which you don’t get in most standard pregnancy supplements. I won’t say I’ve felt great throughout my pregnancy because I haven’t! But I know that I’ve been getting the right balance of nutrients even when I was really unwell in my first trimester and couldn’t keep much food down. I plan to continue taking alongside the breastfeeding supplement when baby arrives.
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Thank you so much for sharing Louise. We are so pleased that our Pregnancy Complex has been able to support you throughout your Pregnancy! With Warmest Wishes, The Wild Team
This is the only pregnancy supplement worth considering in my opinion. It's natural rather than synthetic and it's made by people know don't just know, but care too! They know science things like Folic Acid needs to be in the form of Folate, they know how to support a growing mama holistically, they know how to do business ethically and they have the best people to talk to however small the query or issue. Thank you for caring as much as you do!
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Hello Tara, We are so pleased the our Pregnancy Complex has been able to support you through your pregnancy. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your lovely review! With warmest wishes, The Wild Team