Food-Grown KSM-66 Ashwagandha Plus Subscription Refillable Glass Jar - 30 days supply Reviews

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Wild Nutrition started with one family. Charlie and Henrietta Norton wanted the very best support for their own health and that of their children as well as Henrietta’s patients. They couldn’t find it anywhere and so decided to create it themselves. Wild Nutrition is a unique Food-Grown® supplement brand providing bespoke formulations for all age stages of life. Today, they offer over 40 products within 6 ranges and are stocked throughout the UK and Scandinavia.

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This is an amazing product. I can reallyfeel the difference it’s making for me with my thyroid issues. Thank you
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Thank your for the lovely review, Nick! It makes the team so happy to hear that you have found our KSM-66 Ashwagandha Plus so beneficial. Thanks so much for sharing your experience. With warmth, The Wild Team
I love taking this ashwaganda and it definitely helps me attain a calmer outlook on life. I have a stressful job and using this has reduced my racing mind and anxious thoughts. I highly recommend this as a supplement.
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It is wonderful to hear that our Ashwagandha has been able support you and your lifestyle. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. With warmest wishes, The Wild Team
Excellent product, have not had an anxiety attack for the 6 months since I started using this. Thoroughly recommend.
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We are so happy to hear this, Michelle! We hope you're continuing to enjoy our Food-Grown KSM-66 Ashwagandha Plus and its impact on your welbeing. Warm wishes, The Wild Team
I turned 40 this year and since having my son 4 years ago was feeling more and more like my hormones were completely out of control (erratic moods, highs, lows, no pattern to them at all). I spoke to my GP who offered me either the contraceptive pill or antidepressants as a leveler - something I didn't want to do. My friend referred me to Wild Nutrition and at first I started with the Premenstrual Complex and then added the KSM-66. It's been three months now combining the two, and I have to say it is quite a revelation. I have made other subtle changes to lifestyle but nothing major, so I can only assume its the KSM levelling me out. My moods are calmer and even the lows are a lot less 'low'. I highly recommend trying these and giving them a chance to kick in - I wouldn't be without them now.
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This made us so happy to read, Samantha. We are so glad that our Premenstrual Complex and our KSM-66 Ashwagandha Plus have helped manage your mood! Thank you so much for sharing your experience. Best wishes, The Wild Team
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I just cant tell if this is different to other brands i purchased online, the product comes in great recyclable pouch to top up the refillable glass jar, makes good sense. Purity / strenght etc - after 2 months from wild nutrition and 6 months from other online suppliers is tricky to justify £20 per month if i cannot tell - why am I seduced ? in hope i imagine
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Dear Sir/Madam, We pride ourselves on being different from other supplements on the market. Our high quality, Food-Grown® supplements come from nature. Containing no preservatives, colours, fillers or binding agents and are clinically proven to have a higher rate of absorption than synthetic supplements, taking the extra work out for your body. If you are unsure you are feeling better, we offer all customers a free 15 minute zoom call with our expert nutritionists via our website. They can suggest products personalised to you and your symptoms, while also informing you on how long it should be before you start to feel the effect of these products as this is dependant on many factors such as your starting levels of nutrients and your life stage/stress levels, they can also give a more in depth explanation of the products. We hope you are feeling the full effects of our products in no time and invite you to explore booking in for a call with our team for more in depth support. With Warmth, The Wild Team
Great product! Took ashwaganda as a new mom and felt the benefits!
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We are so pleased to hear that you felt the benefits when taking the Ashwagandha, thank you so much for sharing! With best wishes, The Wild Team
Fantastic supplement, feeling good after a short period...
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So happy to hear that our KSM-66 Ashwagandha Plus has you feeling good, Jennifer! Thank you so much for the 5-star review. KSM-66 Ashwagandha Plus