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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
Never again!
Order no: 102626193
Thanks to I have been left (today is 19th December) without any dining chairs. Upon reassurances from a staff member over the phone, I was told early December to go ahead and order with confidence six dining chairs which they said would be definitely delivered before Christmas. In the meantime, I gave away my existing chairs to a charity to make room for new ones. However, yesterday, I received an email stating that due to processing delays, my chairs can't be delivered before Christmas. I have a whole family coming over for Christmas lunch and am told so late that I won't be receiving my order. As I write, I still haven't found anyone who can deliver alternatives before Christmas. This was my first and will be my last dealings with Furthermore, when I phoned for an explanation I was met with arrogance and the person at the other end of the phone said that there were caveats which I should have taken the trouble to find out. Never again!
Posted 1 year ago
Unbelievable, appalling service after taking your money! Ordered 6 chairs on 22.11. The delivery depot tracking advised items received 30.11. Phoned the Delivery Depot to find out they only received 2 sets of 3 sets and will only deliver when 3rd set is in depot. were emphatic the 3rd set had been sent. Phoned day after day to find out what the hell was going on. Even tried to speak to a so called team leader and was told she/he could not say anything more than I had already been told. Tried to speak to a director and to the CEO, all to no avail. There is bugger all genuine customer service. There is no pro-activity to help solve your problem. All you get from the people answering phones is a very very rehearsed thinly veiled apology. You cannot get passed them to speak to someone in authority and if you remind them they have your money and you want your goods they are very forthright in offering a refund and cancellation of your order. They don't care whether you buy their bloody goods or not, and I really liked the chairs. By 3rd Dec still no chairs so they suggested cancelling the original order and issuing a new order which would go out for delivery in 5 days. Well they didnt. It doesnt matter that you might desperately need the chairs, as I said I was, they are not bothered. Had to cancel a dinner party because absence of chairs. Their policy does not allow the customer service team to think outside the box. Its basically stuff the customers. By 13 December still no chairs. They thought they had gone out and to phone the delivery depot again. It now transpires (according to the delivery depot) that when the purchase order is processed notification of that order goes through to the delivery depot so when they collect the items they can be scanned back at the depot. Guess what- they had no notification. Apparently the depot drivers go into the warehouse every day for collections, so where the hell were my missing chairs from the first order and the three sets of chairs from my second order. The delivery dates are movable and if you don't like it then sod off so now at my wits end I cancelled the order. I cancelled the order and even then it took three attempts to get my refund processed accurately. If I had not been pro-active throughout this period I would still be waiting delivery of the first order. Subsequently ordered 6 chairs on line and received them the following day. I really liked those chairs and the furniture etc is lovely but the customer service follow up is simply disgraceful. So get your bloody act together and start respecting your customers because without them you will become nothing.
Posted 1 year ago
I received a wardrobe with a broken mirror on the door. It was the last piece to be unpacked (the delivery people refused to unpack the items which I couldn’t even lift). The wardrobe was built up by the time we realized the door was cracked. would not send a replacement door. They wanted us to tear the whole thing down and send it back and receive a refund and wait another 3 months for a new wardrobe (that could also be damaged). Makes no sense.
Posted 1 year ago
Repeatedly fail to deliver, first sofa delivered was a week late and the wrong model. They still haven't delivered the right one two weeks later and consistently miss their fake delivery estimates.
Posted 1 year ago
Incorrect item delivered. Item was a KINGSIZE bed delivered in error on a Friday with collection arranged WITHOUT agreement for Tuesday. This is four nights of a massive item that is not mine being stored in my home! No resolution offered. The item I ordered will now be delivered in one weeks time as it had to be reordered!!!! I feel for the customer services staff who have their hands tied working under awful circumstances.
Posted 1 year ago
Utterly disappointed. Without letting me know anything about it have changed the delivery time on my furniture from 3 weeks to more than 6 weeks. Not going to get it for Christmas now, and it is too late for me to get anything else. I feel like have treated me, a very loyal customer, with total disrespect and dishonesty.
Posted 1 year ago
Customer service is lousy! Placed an order on 27/11 for a delay delivery after 7/12. Tracked order on 7/12 on my account to see dispatch date is 2/12. Rang on 7/12 to check status of item and whether it has been dispatched, told that they’ll check with delivery team and get back to us on 9/12, which they did not. Phoned again on 9/12 to be told it’ll take up to 5 working days from 9/12 to be dispatched (not including delivery)! Chatted with them online and was told if I want to go ahead with the order then it’ll take that 5 working days, if I don’t wanna proceed they can refund, asked if it will arrive before Christmas and was told can’t advise on time, that’ll be between me and the courier company.
Posted 1 year ago
We ordered a sofa, armchair, dining table, 4 chairs and a bench to go with the table. All five had separate delivery dates which is fine if you’re happy to be home every day but not ideal if you work without any paid leave. Three items arrived within the estimated delivery dates. The dining table appeared to be stuck in the depot for two months, when it finally arrived after numerous calls to customer service it was slightly damaged.

The estimated delivery date of the armchair kept getting pushed - when we still hadn’t received it eight months later, I cancelled and got a refund which wasn’t ideal as now we had a sofa and no matching armchair.

Realistically there seems to be a strong possibility of significant delivery delays if you use this company - I certainly won’t be again.
Posted 1 year ago
Worst delivery ever. Ordered in october and its december, still haven't received most of my order. Some of the got lost and need to wait another 8 weeks.
Will never order from them again
Posted 1 year ago
If I could give no stars I would.
Ordered a bed 3 months ago. Tracked the order to find the delivery date will now be another 3 months ! Half a year from order to delivery !!!
Argued for half an hour to be offered 10% compensation. Pitiful.
Avoid this company unless you have the patience of a saint
Posted 1 year ago
Bad quality and the customer service is always unfortunately can’t help.
Items arrived broken.
If you want to waste your money, energy and get unfortunate replies, call made. They are good at that!
Posted 1 year ago
I have never had an issue with ever.

but I have had so much trouble with receiving my order
they stated that 'In regards to the 10-12 weeks, what this means is that the item is estimated to be dispatched within 10-12 weeks to the courier.

However I placed my order on the 13th of august. and then my order was dispatched to the courier within 4 weeks on the 10th of September. IT has now taken 13 weeks from the 10th of September to get the courier and I have still not received any information from courier totalling at 17weeks and still no order.

First contact I was made aware that my order would be arriving with probuild courier and they would be in touch to arrange deliver, However I contacted made again to see where my order was a week later and they told me that it would arriving with Not Boxes today and they will be in touch soon to organise delivery why has the courier changed and still no contact. I'm beginning to think my order isn't coming.

Furious as this is an expensive item and we have had to do with out wardrobes now for 17weeks.
Posted 1 year ago
Ordered a sofa, lamp, several chairs and a desk set on 10/26 for delivery to Switzerland. Be warned: items are poor quality and often arrive broken, if they arrive at all.

The chairs and desk set arrived via DPD in a few weeks. The chair in the desk set arrived broken - one (cheap plastic) wheel was broken. I asked for a replacement part and after several emails and calls, Made finally agreed to ship a new set. When the new set arrived - a whole month after placing the original order - guess what? The same wheel was broken on the chair. Luckily, with two chairs we were able to take one of the extra wheels and fix it.

The sofa was a disaster. We ordered an in-stock sofa in a specific color and fabric. According to the tracking, the sofa was delivered to the delivery service on 11/11. I called Made and the delivery service several times over a period of two weeks to get information but both companies said to call the other company and would not help me. I disputed the charge on my credit card, which got Made’s attention - and they said they LOST THE SOFA and offered me another in an entirely different color - what a laugh! I asked them to cancel the sofa and the remaining items and refund me.

If you get your items, they look like they do on Instagram but they are very poor quality, made in China. I think the quality is worse than IKEA. They will not last.
Posted 1 year ago
an absolute joke!
we ordered a lamp to switzerland which arrived from half way around the globe and was not quite what we had hoped for. so we wanted to send it back and contacted customer care. after more than a week we got feedback that DPD would come to pick it up but since they could not commit on a time of day one person needed to stay at home the whole day. nobody came on that day and DPD claimed that nobody was home when they came to pick up which is a lie. calling they said that it was scheduled and they could not explain why it was not picked up but that the next week someone would come on the the same day. and someoce actually came, yay.

and today, a week later, the packet ended up on our doorstep again without any explanation why. The customer care also has no clue and keeps telling you they forward your request to their colleague who will come back to you. No idea how long this will continue but this is by far the worst customer experience I have ever witnessed!

Bottom line, don't buy!
Posted 1 year ago
Called to chase my product which I had ordered on yhe 12th of September after it was already a week late and had already been sent the review emil from After 4 hours was contacted and told that half of my order was lost and it would take up to 14-16 weeks to get a replacement. Asked to speak to a supervisor to be told no one was available for half an hour. As such I have cancelled my order only to be told it will take up to a month to be paid my refund. As the agent told me that they didn't know it was lost until i called and that no one would have contacted me without me calling, I feel that their company is extremely unprofessional and the fact that my product is now in the black Friday sales is a joke and shows a level of neglect to customers service . In conclusion i will never be dealing with and will advise everyone i know the same.
Posted 1 year ago
Dear Mr Monaghan,

Thank you for your review. I am very sorry to see you have had such a poor experience whilst shopping with us and that the customer service you have received has not been to the level we would expect.
I have requested that you are contacted by the close of business today to ensure this is resolved for you as quickly and positively as possible.

Kind regards,
Posted 1 year ago
Ordered a lampshade on the 15/10/2019 and its only estimated to be shipped on the 16/12/2019.. Unlikely to arrive before Christmas, worst service ever.. You'd be quicker retraining as an 'expert craftsman' and making stuff yourselves.
Posted 1 year ago
Made sell us a faulty product but if we want to have a chair were we can actually sit we need to pay £190 .
We have buy a chair (£449), 1year and half after the chair broke. Homeserve cames and said « It’s a faulty product, it’s not your fault, we just need a piece from to fix it ». The chair is still sell in but Made doesn’t want to give us a new chair or to give us the piece to fix it. They offer us £299 (the price was £449) if we return the product, and we can buy a new chair after if we want. So made sell us a faulty product but if we want to have chair were we can actually sit we need to pay £150 + (£40 delivery)...
Posted 1 year ago
Ridiculously poor sizing on their pyjamas and the short returns deadline means that if you purchase as a gift in time for an event, you don't have time to return it. I emailed and had no reply.
Posted 1 year ago
I ordered a light fitting for the opening of a new business. Three weeks before we were due to open I had someone to come put it up for me but when they opened the box two of the five glass shades were broken.

I contacted MADE the very next day to tell them about it and sent them some photos, 3 days later customer services replied saying they have passed it over to the quality control team and they were now investigating.... Two weeks later and I've heard nothing from anyone so I sent another email....

I had also tried calling their custom services before emailing, but don't waste your time, no one will answer and on the numerous occasions I did, I was on hold for over 30mins with no answer....

Anyway, three days pass and then I finally get this reply to my email;

Hi *****,

Thank you for your email and sincere apologies that we haven't been in touch with you sooner.

I will seek an answer in regards to issuing replacement Globe pendants, and get back to you a bit later on in order to resolve the issue.

I look forward to speaking to you again shortly.

On behalf of

So I waited over two weeks just for them to tell me this again... What kind of customer service is this where they have to keep running back to 'seek' an answer??? I thought that was the whole point of a Customer Service dept...

By the way my grand opening was a few days ago and a month later im still waiting for a replacement!! Forget the replacement, I have not even heard back from them since!!! Keeley said she would get back to me 'a bit later on`!!! Seriously??? What the hell does that mean and its already day 10 today!!! How much 'later' are we talking about guys??

No doubt they sell some nice items guys but if you do decide to buy something and have an issue with it then good luck!!! Your going to need it!!!

They have really tested my patience and would never go out of my way to leave bad reviews for anyone but their customer service seriously sucks.....
Posted 1 year ago
Atrocious customer "service". Long story, but getting my refund for a cancelled order has been like getting blood out of a stone. Countless hours emailing, waiting on the phone and lastly resorting to Resolver (recommended if you're having similar issues with any company). The finance department seems to be inept. One of the agents did her best but another obviously didn't care. After everything, I was promised a small cash compensation but they now only want to give me a voucher for a future purchase. You can be sure I will not be shopping with again after this fiasco, so any voucher is valueless. Still waiting for compensation for having to endure weeks of this shocking show. Just don't bother.
Posted 1 year ago
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