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Nitrotek have a Customer Happiness Grade of D. Customers are happy with their customer service and refunds.


Happiness Grade
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Unit 3C, Queens Court, Queens Avenue, Hurdsfield Ind. Est, Macclesfield, Cheshire, Macclesfield United Kingdom

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Refunds - Average

Industry Average
" ) Dozens of emails later (EVERY reply takes at least 48 hours - although I'm not surprised because their service is so APPALLING that they must be snowed under with complaints every day) I finally managed to get a refund of the original order, but I'm now waiting YET AGAIN for them to confirm they will be refunding the extra return postage which they are legally obliged to do. "
- NitroFeck'all
" The worst company i have ever dealt with , paid 60.00 for a car, worked for 5 minutes then died, they advised me to send back which i did, they are refusing to refund me as they said i didnt charge battery for long enough, they now have my car and i have no refund, i have contacted trading standards etc but not much can be done, never ever use this tin pot set up , you have been warned "
- K smith
" 99 for the car,I was refunded £140 . "
- Sharon

Customer Service - Average

Industry Average
" Inital delivery is fast but when it comes to spare parts and customer service they are terrible its like banging your head against a brick wall waiting on a reply or solution. "
- Steer clear
" The only people that it is possible to TALK to are the Sales Team who will take your money - once you've passed that point then you're into a nightmare Customer Disservice HellHole, where they (claim they) don't even have a phone in the Service Department so EVERYTHING has to be done - at their glacial and disrespectful pace - through an online "Service" system. "
- NitroFeck'all
" Then I asked about how long does the analysis take and the answer was just incredible 14 work days!!!!!!! OMG it is the just horrible customer service I've ever seen in the UK. "
- Anonymous