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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
Switched me to a supplier who charges far more for electricity telling me Id save money. Miscalculated my yearly usage (deliberately to make it look like I would save money) The switch was not a smooth one and by the time I have realised this is not a good deal I am £170 worse off. Don't bother with these switching services, they fool you into thinking your saving money.
Posted 1 year ago
I signed up to LAMB, they began my switch but failed to provide any detail of my new tariff beyond the new provider. I asked if they had compared against my existing provider and they told me they had not. I decided to cancel my switch because they had failed to compare to a level that would be good value. They state they have limited access to suppliers and so do not compare against the full market- so my current supplier was actually a cheaper alternative.
Therefore the service is of limited benefit.
Posted 1 year ago
Absolutely appalling. I signed up with them - they claim to move you if they find you a better fuel deal and in December they wrote to me to tell me they had found me a better one. So far so good, but then I noticed that, for some reason they ha dry usage incorrect. I told them this and said I 9nly wanted moving of, with that usage, it was a better deal. They decided I was better off where I was and I thought the matter was resolved. However, on January 2nd they moved me! Here we are - 11 weeks later and the matter is still not resolved. I have been away travelling so had to conduct the matter via email but, apart from ‘sorry, we are not sure waht has happened’ and ‘we will investigate...’, nothing has been done. They do not even respond to emails for about a week. Absolutely appalling.i am now going to find a phone number and really ensure they sort themselves out. In the meantime, I found this review site! No idea if they can be successful, but, if the mess up, be warned - they will not help you!
Posted 1 year ago
This company should be investigated for it’s shameful practices. They tried to switch me to a more expensive company and ignored my requests to cancel, the company that I was to switch too also ignored my requests, illegally, until they had taken over £140 from my account without authority. They did not provide me with any gas or electric so I view their action as straightforward theft. Wow betide them and Look After My Bills if I do not get an immediate refund! Avoid this disreputable and disrespectful company!
Posted 1 year ago
I signed up 3 weeks ago provided all my details (including those to set up a direct debit) and have not heard anything back - not even a confirmation email. I have chased through email and Facebook messenger and have received no acknowledgment. Is this company even active anymore? Have told them I no longer wish to use them but am now nervous to change my energy provider myself in case these clowns mess something up.
Posted 1 year ago
Don't talk to me about Look after my Bills, absolutely shocking service and terrible customer service and now they have removed my reviews and posts from Facebook because they tried to tell me their customer service was good. Well how about starting an investigation on 13 December but still not sorted and now being charged by Together Energy £185 for one month supply which I cancelled before it even started through Look after my Bills. Look after no-one you mean. Avoid at all costs
Posted 1 year ago
Im one of the unfortunate ones that was switched onto TOTO energy which three weeks later folded - I was then moved to EDF energy. LAMB then recommended i went with iSupply Energy and after a long a tedious switch - which resulted in my electricity and Gas being separated into two different accounts and about 3 hours on the phone to rectify a massive over estimation on my usage - I have just received an email to say iSupply energy is folding and i'm going back to EDF.

Since moving into my new property in July - I've been through Together Energy - Toto Energy - EDF Energy - iSupply Energy and now im going back to EDF - that's four switches in 8 months.

In addition i referred my friend back in November (when LAMB's service seemed reliable) who to date has received no correspondents from their new supplier and neither of us have heard anything about the referral fee we would each receive.
Posted 1 year ago
What a huge mistake! They never respond to emails. Promised a £40 amazon voucher and now claim that I did not "apply" for the voucher. I wish I had not switched.
Posted 1 year ago
Look After My Bills made a complete mess of my switch.
Errors after errors. When you manage to get through to their customer services, you can barely hear the conversation due to loud laughter and noise from their colleagues. I found them unprofessional. They do not know what they are doing. Made an error with my address, didnt inform the second switch company regarding set up and werent able to keep track of who they were setting up direct debits with. I have requested full account closure and would recommend avoiding this company and doing the switch directly.
Posted 1 year ago
There are 3 groups of utilities customers:

Group 1 (the ignorant): those are paying utilities at standard tariff for years and years, not contracted, not bothered about the fees. Chances are you won't be reading this.

Group 2 (the maximiser): those who know exactly how much utility they've consumed in the past year, those who knows how to convert gas meter readings into kWh, those who are looking for lower unit rates just in case their future consumption is higher than expected. Chances are you would be reading this to assure yourself you've made the right decision as you'd have read all the bad reviews instead of the good ones (just pats on their own backs)

Group 3 (the easy-goer): those who knows the utility companies are ripping them off if rolled onto standard tariff but might be too busy or not too fussed until they get a shock when the new bill on standard tariff arrived after their contract has elapsed. You have 2 options here:
3A: Sign up with LAMB and its a win-win for you and LAMB - you saving some money because you're not on standard tariff, and LAMB can run their business (let's face it, how else are they making money?)
3B: Spend 10 mins every year to go for any price comparison website (uswitch, gocompare, moneysavingexpert...) and just sign up to any of the top 3 deals (go flip a coin while you're at it, it doesn't matter), as you would be saving a cool 10% of your annual utility bill doing that, over what LAMB would offer you. For me, that's £80+ on the table you're leaving for LAMB for 10 mins of work.. or make it 15 mins if you decide to go compare 3 comparison websites.
Posted 1 year ago
If I could, I would rate LAMB with -5 stars as they will switch you to any energy supplier, regardless of the reputation or the service, as long as they they get their commission.

Please be aware, keep away from empty promises that are not, I REPEAT NOT, to be trusted:
If you ever see any adverts from Look After My Bills to save you money by switching your energy supply, PLEASE IGNORE and move them to JUNK FOLDER. They are very good with words and empty promises, once they claim their commission by switching your supply, they want nothing to do with you. They throw you in lion’s den and watch you die. Please Google "Together Energy" for yourself, that is the kind of company Look After My Bills have on their panel.

We have been caught in their trap, they moved our supply to Together Energy, who, not only have a bad reputation but also more expensive than top 5 suppliers. We are now locked up for 25 months and worse off by £250 or pay exit fees of £80.00. It has caused us undue stress, worries and illness.


These are the empty promises they make:
"Don't forget, you won't have to worry about exit fees. According to what you told us when you signed up, you'll be free to switch when we check the market."
"Thanks so much for being part of Look After My Bills. 200,544 people are saving money just like you. It's the simplest, smartest way to keep your bills low."

"We'll be running you a personalised comparison in the next few days. We'll scour the market for savings, comparing current tariffs and rates so you don’t have to. And we only compare deals from suppliers we work with and trust."

"We’ll switch you right away if we find you a great deal. That’s right, you won’t have to lift a finger to start saving! Switching before your supplier can push up your price is key to keeping your energy cheap."
"As you know, we move you to the best deal we can find every year, so you can never be overcharged again. This is how it always should have been."
"With our service, you save money automatically."
"Our friendly UK-based support team are ready and waiting for any questions you have. You can get in touch by emailing our support staff."
Posted 1 year ago
Never again
Posted 1 year ago
See the latest e-mail I have sent them:

This has become something of a joke!! I was under the impression that “Look After My Bills” prided themselves on the efficiency with which they worked. I cannot believe that in spite of having followed all your instructions and your colleague (on the phone) confirming that you had everything you needed two weeks ago, I have heard nothing whatsoever from you. What is going on – Do you want my business or not. Frankly, I am beginning to doubt the wisdom of my decision to get involved with you at all.

Your website maintains how easy it is to switch suppliers – Well, that has not been my experience at all – If you go through the lengthy e-mail correspondence I have exchanged with you, I think you might appreciate my total frustration.

Now, having asked you to take over my Account, I am caught between the devil and the Deep Blue Sea – I do not know if you have done anything whatsoever to switch my account? So where does this leave me?

As you can see I am copying this message to Ofgem and the Ombudsman Service, so they are aware of my on-going problems with you.

Disgusted of Isleworth (aka Khalil Rahman)
Posted 1 year ago
They don’t even deserve 1 star! Worst company I’ve ever dealt with, they don’t know how to deal with their customers they just shout and argue with you on the phone and drown you out when you try to talk rather than listening to you. I have had an ongoing issue with them since October and they just lie all the time rather than resolving it, now they are ignoring all emails and not returning calls. The Complaints team leader is Apparently always in a meeting to avoid calls. I would strongly advise anyone to avoid this company and go through the Martin Lewis energy club, that’s the way I’ve always done it In the past and they are great, but to be honest anything is better than look after my bills.
Posted 1 year ago
They don’t even deserve 1 star, the worst company I’ve ever dealt with. Their customer service is so rude, they talk over you and then threaten to hang up when you try to get your say across, I’ve been chasing them for months regarding an issue and they ignore all emails and do not return calls. I have no idea how they get away with treating customers the way they do. The complaints manager has lied to me over and over again instead of being honest and now he’s decided to ignore my emails and calls
Posted 1 year ago
I ended up paying 2 utility companies for the same electricity, not happy, now taking a lot of effort to get my money back. Don't be lazy, avoid middlemen, you will do a better job yourself
Posted 1 year ago
Terrible service.
Posted 1 year ago
Terrible service. Would never recommend this diabolical company. I went with them.. the first year yes I saved a few pounds. I stayed with them. The second year.. the company they provided decided to raise my monthly payments by over £50. Look after my bills said its because I provided wrong information. How strange when I'd already been with them for 1 whole year. AVOID!!! They hate negative feedback. Trust p1lot keep deleting my reviews so now I fight back. People need to know that they are being RIPPED OFF.
Posted 1 year ago
Keep sending me texts!!
Posted 1 year ago
LAMB switched me absolutely seamlessly in my first year but the second year has been the total opposite. My existing supplier is objecting to the switch. I have delegated to LAMB to solve this issue for me (seeing as they are the switchers). This problem first arose in December and it is still not resolved.

Every time I call LAMB, I have to run through the whole story every time. Many of their solutions thus far have been repeating the previous task expecting a different result. Without LAMB, I could be with a new supplier by now. Instead, I am stuck with my old one paying a more expensive tariff. All in all, seriously frustrating.

Once this is all done, I will not be using LAMB again.
Posted 1 year ago
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