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About Lead Forensics:

In our fast paced world, real-time engagement has never been so important, and even better when it is human-to-human. Statistically, 84% of B2B buyers will purchase from the first organisation they engage with, and yet reacting quickly to opportunities is something that most B2B organisations struggle with. Lead Forensics enables businesses to engage with prospects and customers faster than ever before, right at the point when they are most engaged - whilst they are visiting your website.

Lead Forensics provides all the intel required to start valuable, relevant and meaningful conversations with your website visitors, in real-time. Lead Forensics will identify who your visitors are, where they have come from, what they are looking at - and importantly, what stage they are at within your sales pipeline. Route visiting customers directly to their Account Manager, and delight them with your pro-activity. Direct existing prospects their Sales Representative, and fuel marketing automation with highly engaged new prospects.

98% of your website visitors will never inquire with you. Uncover that potential with Lead Forensics.

Lead Forensics was established in 2009, and operates on a global basis with over 60,000 customers worldwide. Our team consists of around 700 dedicated SaaS specialists based in locations such as Scottsdale, Atlanta, Portsmouth and Bristol.

Lead Forensics wholly owns its matched IP database, it's our crown jewels - and is what sets us apart from the rest in terms of providing maximum value to each and every one of our customers. Our matched IP database can identify 1.4 billion IP addresses and we add more than 55 million contacts every year, both of which ensures that our visitor match rate is head and shoulders the best in the industry. Not only that, but as we own our database, all data is rigorously cleansed annually and goes through intensive verification processes. It's what's under the hood that really matters, and in side by side comparisons Lead Forensics provides the highest quality and volume of identified visitors, packaged up in a user intuitive dashboard that provides granular detail as well as insightful reporting. The result? A solution that our customers can have absolute faith in, proven ROI and a commitment to providing industry leading website visitor intelligence, that truly makes a difference in helping our customers to grow.

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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
Persistent spammers.
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They are sending me spam emails continuously from various email addresses. Ironically, at the bottom of the email they have this paragraph: As a GDPR compliant company, we would like to explain why you have received this email. We believe that [company name] has a legitimate interest in the technology that Lead Forensics offers. Our research has identified your email address as the appropriate contact within your organisation. HOW COULD THEY HAVE LEGITIMATE INTEREST WHEN I'VE NEVER EVEN VISITED THEIR WEBSITE? They obviously purchase my business details from somewhere. Even better, at the bottom of the email it also says "If you received this email in error or would no longer like to receive communication from Lead Forensics please reply with 'remove'." Except that, when you reply with remove the email bounces back saying the email address doesn't exist... What a joke! If this is how they promote their business, I can only imagine how much good they can do for their clients.
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I was previously a fan of Lead Forensics, having used it for almost two years. However, the value of the software has evaporated recently with a sizeable chunk people working from home (something which many expect to continue). To put some numbers to this, we had approximately 250-300 companies appear in Lead Forensics per month prior to Covid, and in July / August it is looking more like 50. The line from Lead Forensics is that more and more businesses are getting their VPNs put in place, and that they expect this to increase (and I'm sure they will have some stats to back this up), but it is not going to return to the levels of Q1 2020. Will their price change? Well, they've not been happy to renegotiate with me (same price, yet lost 80% of it's value to us) so we've cancelled the agreement. In addition to this, their communication has been terrible over the last few months. Our account manager replied to no emails between April and June, finally getting back to us saying that there had been an issue with their system (their invoices and emails from accounts team worked pretty well). They are going to have to be far more flexible than they currently are being moving forward. I never really write reviews, but the way Lead Forensics have handled the last 4 months has left a bitter taste. They have certainly lost an advocate of their product due to their hard position they've taken and poor comms.
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This was an absolute game changer for my business! This comes down to how good your marketing is. If your marketing is on point, this will work if your marketing is poor, your results for this will be poor.
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We are a medium sized business and the data is potentially useful and we have kept using them for a few years. Covid-19 hit and we repeatedly asked to pause the service as we can't use it, but they ignore our requests and emails and we don't receive any response and now they are chasing us for payments. I have no problems with paying for a service I can use and indeed I only asked to pause - not cancel the contract or anything. I would have been happy to continue and extend the contract by the number of months I could not use it. Be very wary of them
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Beware!!! Not for Local/Mom & Pop type Businesses If you are a small local type Mom and Pop business,This is not for you!!! In theory it is great HOWEVER.. the downside was only revealed to me AFTER being LOCKED INTO a 1 year contract. They only send you leads that come from a certain type of IP address, either Static of Dynamic I'm not sure, but the point is if you are looking to get solid local leads, more than likely the local people who are searching for you don't have that, lets say "Commercial type" of IP address. Example: I have a Restaurant Equipment company in Las Vegas and my goal was to procure local b2b type of leads from people who are opening a restaurant, remodeling, etc. The problem is that most people do work off their laptop that isn't linked to any business name therefore there isn't a lead.Only, corporate type restaurants that have a corporate location and pay "Karen" to look up a price for something on the internet which is most of what I got. All leads that didn't do me a bit of good from all over the country, which I found weird. very rarely did local leads I was in search of ever appear in my dashboard. And its up to you to cold call from there as they want to charge you more money to get a name for the person you want to contact. I am not a review writer at all for anything but I feel very slighted that they lock you into a 1 year contract, and this is NOT a cheap service. The people that onboarded me were all very nice and I don't have anything bad to say about anyone there but they should have known when we first started talking about me joining as I explained my business model and what I was trying to achieve out this that this service was not for me. But they are salespeople, Nothing more. I'm sure it is a great tool for a national corporate structured business. But if you a a small mom and pop local guy I would strongly tell you to spend your marketing dollars elsewhere.
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Pushy Sales Team.... Don't be fooled by the sales team... I did write a review on Google, but I have noticed that mine and many others have all been removed due to the nature of the poor comments that had been made from the service we had been given. I signed up less than a year ago for the service. The sales team did their job and pushed and pushed, telling me how wonderful the software was and that it could potentially deliver me, new clients, every month. So I signed up for 12 months. A week later, they rang and asked if everything was good and that they would like to get me onto the referral and partnership programme, even better, but then it went very wrong.... Constant, relentless, personalised spamming. For month after month after month after month. within a few days, 3 people had contacted me from different departments asking me to do lots of different things to sign up to be a partner, this took over an hour on the phone, then there was a problem with the digital signature, and this had to be changed, this took another 2 weeks to sort out. All this after just signing up as a new customer. I was then called again by Lead Forensics who asked if I would like to trial the software, not even aware that I had indeed, already signed up as a new client, this went on for weeks, being called week after week with the same process. In the end, I got annoyed and spoke to their customer service manager and said that I would be cancelling my contract due to the poor level of customer service. After a while, the calls stopped, but the damage had already been done. Every month thereafter, I was called to see if all was OK, in fact, it was not ok, but I now have no time to spend on lead forensics. I think they mean well, but it's forced, not sold. What you get from Lead Forensics is reverse IP tracking showing some of the big companies in the UK and Worldwide. OK that's great, but try and get through to the decision-makers! You can't. 85% of the businesses looking at our site were outside of our allocated sales area which I assume, Lead Forensics knew from the trial and the data that was 'made' available to us. Waste of money, waste of time, waste. I spent £225+VAT a month, and I wish I hadn't bothered. Will I be renewing, no chance! Oh, and after all of this, I get a call from someone else at the company a few days ago, to say that the person who sold me this contract was no longer working for the company. This sums up the whole way I feel about Lead Forensics. BUYER BEWARE!
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Whatever you do - DO NOT sign up to Lead Forensics. We used this for around 5 months and then got absolutely no business from it what so ever. We then asked to get out of the 'contract' which was supposedly for 12 months. We were told that we are in contract until November - another 11 months as they gave us 3 months free. So £400 per month for 11 months = £4,400 when we told them repeatedly that the reverse IP tracking is not working for us. When you want to cancel they get their 'cancellations' team to try and persuade you that the last 5 months were just an anomaly and that the system really does work - LIES. Just like when you try to cancel car insurance you get through to that annoying department to try to tell a business owner that this software will work, when i have 5 months and £2,000 spent previously that it is not suitable for us and we want out. If they would have cancelled the contract then, this review would not have happened. What you get from Lead Forensics is reverse IP tracking showing some of the big companies in the UK and Worldwide. OK that's great, but try and get through to the decision makers! You can't. Moreover the issues of it not working for us, the massive issue is that we repeatedly told them that we want OUT of the 'contract' as we had spent £2,000 on their service with absolutely NO return on investment. Whatever you do, do NOT sign up to these crooks. If it doesn't work, you are stuck with it. We now have had court letters as i refused to pay and now we are going down the legal route. Again, my advice is do not use them. There are many other reverse IP tracking companies out there who offer NO contracts, of which i wish i had done my research. You have been warned.
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Be careful, once signed up they won't release you even if you don't use their system. Disgraceful company with no ethics. Would give them 0 stars if I could. After explaining to the CS team that 8 months in we haven't even used the system once, all they offered was a buy out of contract option, asking for £600+ upfront payment to end the contract. Avoid this disgrace of a company.
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